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A soundproof room to check your hearing.

Windy Proffitt, Jim Totten, and Shanecia Terry

The waiting room.

Windy Proffitt, Jim Totten

Windy Proffitt, Jim Totten, Gregory Kendall from VA Decatur
VA Clinic in Zebulon Nearing Completion
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - The VA Clinic is coming closer to completion by the day. Pike County Times will dispel one myth and then give a list of services that will be provided when the clinic opens.

The facility is large and will be offering a variety of veterans’ services for veterans tied to the Decatur VA Hospital. 6 PACT Teams (patient aligned care teams) will be working out of the Zebulon Clinic.

Windy Proffitt will be the Primary Care Nurse Manager with Jim Totten as her assistant.

[Note from the Editor: I have had so many questions about whether the VA will be able to open if the hotel at Pike Plaza isn’t open yet. I was advised that there is no requirement that a hotel be open in this county in order for the clinic to open. Please also note that the pictures are from the first week of May and a LOT has been done since then.]

Services That Will Be Provided

Mental health, primary care, and special care will be offered here in Zebulon.

Group mental health will be offered as well as mental health services for individual patients. Substance Use Treatment for Veterans will be a part of the services offered as well as Mental Health Intensive Care.

Women’s wellness will be addressed.

Cardio, Pulmonology, and Radiology will be part of the care offered here with the ability to take a stress test here as needed.

Acupuncture and chiropractic care will be offered as well.

A Sleep Tech will work from the facility to adjust sleep equipment as needed.

Audiology has a care section as well as Podiatry, and there will be physical therapy and occupational therapy offered in Zebulon as well.

An Optometry tech will work from Zebulon and Tele-Eye Care will be utilized for veteran care. In this way, the doctor can be a part of a Zebulon appointment through in depth pictures as well as being able to prescribe eye glasses even through the doctor will not be physically at the clinic in Zebulon.

Tele-derm services will be a part of the Dermatology services offered.

Labs, x-rays, and CT will be offered at this facility.

Home Based Primary Care will also travel to see patients as home in our area.

Finally, Community Care will be a part of this program for times when the Decatur system cannot get appointments for veteran needs scheduled within 30 days.

Change to the Zebulon Location

The VA should be sending out letters to patients to help veterans change from their current clinic to the Zebulon location. This provider change can be done over the phone or by coming into the clinic after it opens.

If you have never signed up for VA health care before, you can apply at https://www.va.gov/health-care/apply/application/introduction. This will require your social security number, DD-214, health insurance cards, and possibly other information.

The website says that the online process will take about 30 minutes to complete. However, veterans can also bring their information to the clinic to sign up for care.


A majority of the staff has already been hired at this time. The opening date was scheduled for May, but that has been pushed back at this time and still to be determined.

Please keep an eye on your local newspapers for more information as soon as it becomes available.

To read more about the clinic including how to get a job or volunteer there, click here: www.pikecountytimes.com/secondary/BREAKINGNEWSVAclinic1.28.22.html.