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The right side of the road.

The left side of the road.

See those cracks?

Look below to see where the road has been compromised.

Submitted photo.

Water went around the concrete box and there is likely nothing under the cracking asphalt above it.

Submitted photo.
BREAKING NEWS: Concord Road Culvert Repair Hits a Snag
By Editor Becky Watts

CONCORD - The Concord Road culvert repair has hit another snag that will cost taxpayers some money. Pike County Commissioners came out of executive session in today's meeting and voted to continue moving forward with the Concord Road project with the construction of a temporary dam. The motion was approved 5-0.

At the conclusion of the meeting, County Manager Brandon Rogers answered Pike County Times' questions and advised that while an agreement had been reached over the past couple of weeks for repairing this section of Concord Road, the managers of the property have changed their minds about how low the lake can be maintained. Click here to read “Update on the Concord Road Culvert."

A couple of weeks ago, the property managers had agreed to lower the level of the lake as long as there was no danger to the integrity of the lake. This would have enabled McLeRoy, the contractor for the county, to install a small temporary dam and repair the culvert possibly by mid to end of next month.

Since that time, there has been a disagreement over the water level of the lake that will require a bigger dam in order to make repairs. This means that more sections of dam will have be ordered, shipped, and put together at the lake before any work can be done on the road.

The additional estimated cost to Pike County taxpayers will be about $80,000, and there will be an additional couple of weeks added to the repair schedule which will put this project into the holidays and possible beginning of winter weather and rains.

Wildwood Farm Of Pike LLC owns the lake, and there are two property managers and a family member of the owner who have been communicating with the county since the road was compromised by heavy rains. Pike County Times has reached out to the owner of the property about this situation and will update this article pending any further communication.

McLeRoy has been contracted by the county to make the repair on this section of the road. Rogers advised that this project should be up and running again in a couple of weeks but said that much is going to depend on the weather.

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