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The right side of the road.

The left side of the road.

See those cracks?

Look below to see where the road has been compromised.

Submitted photo.

Water went around the concrete box and there is likely nothing under the cracking asphalt above it.

Submitted photo.
Update on the Concord Road Culvert
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - Pike County Times talked to County Manager Brandon Rogers today about the Concord Road culvert which has been closed since early this year. He advised the history as well as progress that is being made on this project.

Rogers advised that there was a meeting with the property manager during the past couple of weeks in which the owners agreed to lower the level of the pond so that McLeroy can fix this culvert and the public can drive on this road again. The lake was lowered as low as possible without endangering the integrity of the lake.

However, it was discovered that the pipe is five feet lower than the level of the lake which has presented a problem for repairs because the workers need to be able to access the area without water running back into the area that they are working on.

Rogers advised that progress is being made on this project. He advised that there has been a lot of work going on in the background, and that the end of the project is in sight.

The history of this project includes inspecting the soil beneath the asphalt to ensure that it was ok prior to work being done, the DOT has worked with the county on engineering the repairs, the county has received reimbursement to pay for repairs on this culvert, and the lake has been lowered as much as possible.

At this point, McLeRoy will be building temporary dams to hold back the water so the culvert can be repaired.

“We are probably looking at mid to the end of November (for the completion of the project) depending on whether the rain holds off,” Rogers said.