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City of Williamson
August 4, 2022 at 7 p.m.
Williamson City Hall

WILLIAMSON - Council Members Stephen Levin, Angela Martin, Tom Brown, and Carol Berry acting as Mayor Pro Tem are present along with City Attorney Rob Morton. Council Member Steve Davis and Mayor Fry were not present at the meeting. County Manager Brandon Rogers and Commissioner James Jenkins are also present. Members of the public were there as well.



6I is going to be led by Ben Czarney who has to leave. Move it in front of 5A? Move it to after the minutes and same for the county matters with County Manager Brandon Rogers. County Commissioner James Jenkins is here as well. Motion to make these changes. Approved 3-0.


Motion to approve both-July 14 and July 25, 2022. Approved 3-0.

A. New Billing Software Company Review and Recommendations

6I. Discussion about how to best do this. Ben Czareney spoke. Can bring it inhouse for much less. Southern Technologies and G Works. One of his concerns as a citizen is inaccurate bills. Click Fix doesn’t offer a lot of billing items. No utility billings. Creative Logic Technologies.

G Works is the cheapest and seems to have the most complete solution for everything that is needed golf cart renewals, permits, receipts, bank reconciliation, utilities. Around $20,000 with a $5,000 annual renewal. The computer people that we have now include basic support, but they’re not always on top of doing what Pamela has asked to be done. G Works is quick to get things done. $350 for QuickBooks plus fees. A Sist(?) wants a renewal for $978 including deposit fees. Maybe $1200 to $1500 for fees. G Works said that if pricing was an issue the city can do half at a time. There are things like a receipt printer for $1,000. Gives the citizens a front end interface to see all of their utilities, golf cart renewals, trash, etc. How is their security? Need to check this. The Council thanked Ben for his time on this. User friendly is a plus for everyone.

Southern Software $32,331. If remove the website portion, 5,038 for web hosting.
G Works. $18,641. $4,320 for annual operating system if less than 100 users. 268 now. Probably another $5,000 total with the extra users.
Creative Logic $24,500. Pike County Water and Sewer Authority uses this.
A Sist(?) is the current and needs a renewal by September 30. Discuss at the next city meeting.

Next Council meeting is September 1. We’ve had so many problems with A Sist. It’s not user friendly either. G Works consolidates everything. It’s instantaneous. It shows that it is paid off immediately. City Attorney Morton said that they also need to discuss the funding source. Council Member Tom Brown asked for a total for now as well so they are making an informed decision.

E. County Matters

Commissioner James Jenkin, representative for this area, and County Manager (CM) Brandon Rogers are here at the meeting to advise the Council on the LOST discussions. Jenkins invited everyone to the County Fair on August 20.

CM Rogers gave an update on the LOST. Every 10 years, the county and every city had to sit down and discuss how to distribute the LOST funding. In the past, this was done based on population. There was something that happened with the Census that affected old LOST numbers. General Fund Expenditures are usually pretty stable and don’t have water, police, etc. Added them up and then figured out which ones were covered by LOST. 83% of all of the expenditures. Williamson is 2.33%. But that is a considerable reduction with all of the cities. Rogers said that tells him that the county and the City of Williamson are not getting their fair share. He tried to find a compromise. There is no right or wrong answer here.

Click here to see the sheet provided to the Council. If we look at the bottom box second to last column are his calculations. He tried to be fair in this, but this allows the county to get somewhat of a better percentage as well as Williamson in comparison to their expenditures. If we do this every year for 10 years, from $77,000 to $91,000 a year and will likely grow every year. The more we have people spending money in the county, the more these numbers will grow. Think county-wide because the state collects and redistributes revenues. Zebulon and Meansville are negatively impacted by this.

Discussed a stepped change to allow them for January 2023-2024 number stays the same as next year. This would allow them to get their budgets in order because we’re in the middle 2024 split the difference with 3.4 to 4%. 2025 be collecting the full 4%. He generally got the feeling that Zebulon and Meansville had some questions on this, and he doesn’t know where they are. Soft deadline is 60 days from the kick off so mid-September. If not done by there, it will cost everyone money because a mediator would be called in. December 31 is the hard deadline to go to the Department of Revenue. It has to be in agreement with all cities and the county. Needs signatures on all lines. We want everyone to be at least agreeable. Any questions? Commissioner Jenkins said that there is new DG on Hwy 41 and Pike Plaza are helping the county overall. That’s more money to split between everyone.

The expenses for the county are continuing to rise like ambulance service. This is a service for everyone. Fire department with part-time guys to benefit everyone. This is a direct reflection of what this is. These funds can only be spent on certain items? This a direct reduction in the General Fund to help reduce property taxes. A tax bill has a rollback, and the rollback is a direct reflection of LOST. Did not look at property taxes per city. It could be done that way. Citywide digest from the countywide digest could probably give you some ideas on this. Molena has a police force. Williamson doesn’t have that. Some have water. Some have sewer. It’s hard to calculate all that. It was really difficult to find a fair way to do this so we looked at general funds because that is how you provide services to your citizens.

Last time it was population only. City Attorney Morton said that the 74% was WAY BACK for years, and it hasn’t been right for a long time. It shows 87% now. Straight population would be 87% to the county. Everyone in Williamson is a citizen of the county too. Once you decide whether you’re ok with the numbers or not, please have the mayor let him know. They could do this in the September meeting. The mayor has been at the past two LOST meetings. Williamson has probably the least to complain about. 3.4 to 4 is a good bump up for them. Previous numbers in 2000 and 2010 were probably neither one correct.

County Fair is going on August 20. Food, vendors, music, etc.


Everything that has sales tax gives us extra LOST. Discussion on running this prior to the meeting so council members could review this before the meeting. Motion that the clerk send these out the Monday before the meeting for council review. Second. Clarification. Send out the draft that is sent to the mayor to everyone. Check detail and P & L. Everything together. Approved 3-0.

Motion to approve the financials. Approved 3-0.


A. City Clerk Report.

Trash. Her trash can audit is now complete. The city was being charged for 5 cans that they didn’t have. This is agreeable with the trash service.

Water. Inactive accounts with balances. $3,324 worth of bills. She has updated the addresses in the system for those who live here. There are balances from 2017 and 2018. How do we collect the funds if we can’t write these off? City Attorney Rob Morton said, If it’s uncollectable, every reasonable effort has to be made to collect this because they can’t give away water.

There is a ditch that needs to be addressed by the county at Georgia BBQ. The rain going across the parking lot and washes gravel is not necessarily the problem. If they contain the gravel, it won’t be an issue for anyone. There is a slope there. Needs to be discussed.

Pamela Schoentag is about to approach her 90 days. They have to decide whether to keep her. Carol Berry said that she appreciates her organizational capabilities. She also said that Milla Riglin has done a fantastic job of cleaning up at the library.

B. Council Member

Council Member Tom Brown said that he was here this morning and got a copy of the 3 Rivers Commissioners Comprehensive Plan Update. Under intergovernmental section, he said that he does not have the Mayor’s Letter yet. It would be handy to work together. It is stated in the meeting that the mayor would write the letter.

There was something mentioned about the amphitheater. He went from January 2021 to current and there hasn’t been a vote on this. August getting contractors with a current license to complete it. He and the Mayor talked about a sun cloth to cut down on cost.

He said that did not resign from taking care of water issues. If he does it, he will take care of it, but he doesn’t want it to funnel back through the mayor. According to Brown, Water Superintendent Scott Huckaby said that he didn’t ask for this. It was said that Huckaby isn’t going to get in the middle of this.

Council Member Angela Martin addressed the mold in the library. She said that Danny went and checked it, and there is black mold. Thinks that we need to have someone in there to ensure that people will not be getting sick. Mayor Pro Tem Carol Berry has also searched this out. CDC said that the best way to get rid of it is to put bleach on it. She read from documentation. Get rid of the mold. There are no set standards on this for different kinds of molds. Martin said that bleach can go on the floor or the sink. Berry said that it isn’t wet anymore. Martin said that we need to be sure that this isn’t going to hurt anyone. Berry said that there is someone with a disinfectant fumigation machine who is willing to bring in their machine and disinfect the entire library free of charge. There was leakage after the pressure washing. More discussion. It’s peace of mind to have someone with training to get things cleaned up. Testing shouldn’t be that expensive. Can we bring some numbers and information to the next meeting?

Milla Riglin said that the carpet was pulled out. The closet appears dry with no funky smell. She is not entirely sure what needs to be done over there, and it was a huge mess to begin with. The closet appears dry. She doesn’t know the protocol, but it is concerning because older folks and kids are susceptible to issues. Out of an abundance of precaution, Martin will bring information and numbers to the September 1 meeting. City Attorney Morton said that we’ve looked at the state standards. Need to get the cost analysis first and then decide which standard to follow. Martin to bring this to next meeting.

Council Member Stephen Levine said that they voted on doing some kind of penalty on the ice house. City Attorney Rob Morton read the motion to send a letter to renovate the sign according to Williamson regulations within 7 to 30 days. We need a letter send immediately. City Attorney will send the letter out.

Trash. They missed an entire street, and the library is overflowing.

C. City Attorney Report

The revised cleaning services contract is here for consideration.

22 resolutions adopted since April that need to be signed and finalized. Resolution to call a referendum for the sale of package sales. It will be provided to Elections Supervision David Neyheart. It’s a yes or no vote. Hopefully have the remaining 21 ready for the September meeting.

D. Mayor's Report

Mayor Pro Tem Carol Berry. Supposed to pave Purser Circle. Public Works is behind because of the rain. They have to deal with the emergencies that come up too.

2nd District Discussion. Stopping trucks from using the road. Traffic study. Need someone to note how many trucks go down it so we can show that we’ve done our due diligence. Put a game camera or a ring camera. Council Member Tom Brown is going to take care of us. What kind of speed bumps do we need? Traffic study first.

McIntosh Trail. Comprehensive Plan is at the 5 year point. They can help us write grants. This is exactly what we need. They are a regional commission for several counties surrounding Pike. We are part of a joint comprehensive plan with the county and each city is responsible for their own city part. This has to be updated by October 31, 2022. It rolls on a 10 years cycle with a 5 year update. They are a service provider with no charge.

E. County Matters

Moved to the beginning of the meeting.

F. Library Report

Librarian Milla Riglin said that she closed last Wednesday so the pizza party and the book sale were moved back a week. Tomorrow and Saturday. Hoping to use sale of books to upgrade at the library.

270 patrons. $71.20. 58 books donated. Running the book club. Teen activities are doing well. Pressure washing has been done. Mayor said that he would try to smooth out the parking lot. The bushes were cut. And with the mowing done, it looks great! There was a ton of clutter than she has gone through lately.


A. New Billing Software Company Review and Recommendations

Moved to the beginning of the meeting. Reiterated that hopefully decide who to go with next month. No action needed tonight. Can have a called meeting if needed.

B. Contracts Review

City Attorney Morton did a simple contract based on what Ms. Moulder sent to the city. Scheduled on Thursday afternoons but can be modified if needed. 6 month period. Starting today and ending at the end of the year and can be renewed annually from January to December. Received her insurance information and put in here. No less than 1 million according to the council’s wishes. 30 day termination clause. Motion to approve contract pending any corrections. Approved 3-0.

Landscaping. He passed out the original agreement and said that he can do something similar to the cleaning contract. If you’ll look at this, we can review and approve at the next meeting. Went out to bid, had issues with the one that was awarded the contract, went with the next person, and then after the services were caught up, then they were asking for $800 rather than $700. There may be some additional areas by the DG that are being cut as well. Council Member Tom Brown will contact him. There wasn’t tree removal in the other one. Attorney Morton needs some clarification on this. Scope and price need to be brought to the next meeting.

Council Member Carol Berry and City Clerk Pamela Schoentag will work together to have a sheet of who is supposed to do what and send it out to everyone so they can follow up in a timely manner by the next meeting. [Note from the Editor: The City of Williamson is different from Pike County with their council members working to get everything done where Pike County has a County Manager to do this. Berry kept a list of who agreed to do what so they can follow up in the next meeting on each item.]

Jeff Harrison contract. He would like to have a contract for a monthly water contract. We will have a man in the water every day and fix the city’s leaks and do routine maintenance on the water system. Meters will be replaced as needed. And will put in water hydrants if the city buys them. Asked for $1500 per month. Yearly contract. Attorney Morton said that entities have agreed on this, but the city hasn’t made an agreement on this. Council Member Tom Brown suggested to Water Superintendent Scott Huckaby that this would be basically leaks and repairs. Would he consider a change in pricing? Council Member Carol Berry said that there was $1,100 for a leak of late. This also covers the parts up to $1,500 per month. Water Superintendent Scott Huckaby said that this is a deal. He has insurance that he sent to the city. Member Brown is going to call him tomorrow to ask the question. The most he can say is no, but if he went $1,250 it would still be a savings.

C. Ongoing Municipal Water System Repairs and Improvements

Council Member/Mayor Pro Tem Carol Berry has been part of a county water committee with a $72,000 grant to hire an engineering firm to give an overall view of needs for the next 10 years to help with water improvements. It’s the entire water system in Williamson. They looked at consolidation and included the ISO ratings for insurance. Council Member Tom Brown said that it would be awesome if everyone got something like this when someone attended a meeting like this.

Repair in Williamson Trace. They did a good job. Old Fayetteville was fixed quickly yesterday.

D. Procedures Manuals Review

That is what Pamela was putting together how to documentation for anyone who sits in her seat if she was sick, etc.

E. Bid Policy Discussion

Council Member Tom Brown to get with Attorney Rob Morton and do what is needed.

F. Personnel Policy Discussion

Did not put in all the holidays so this can be done each year. What are the holidays for rest of this year? Christmas Eve is on a Saturday and Christmas on a Sunday. Motion to allow employees to have Friday the 23 and Monday the 26 off for Christmas. Approved 3-0. This will be in a final format at the next meeting. Let Attorney Morton know if they have any changes. There is a draft from 2010 that might have been approved. Then it was discussed in 2014 but not finalized. This will be finalized and replace any old legislation.

G. Purchasing Policy

Included above.

H. Meeting Protocol

Some of this has already done with financials ahead of the meeting. It would be nice to have documents ahead of the meeting. This could be looked at as a policy.

I. City Website Review and Discussion

Moved to the beginning of the meeting.


A. Review of All Operating Agreements.

Council Member Stephen Levin to find the operating agreements. Can also do a workshop ahead of time along with sending by email. We have operating agreements with businesses.

B. Review of All Operating Vendors

Council Member Tom Brown said that some of our work is being done by unlicensed, uninsured vendors. He was looking at the Secretary of State’s website and was concerned about at least one vendor that he found that did not have a license. If something is done improperly, how do we go back and get with them to get corrections if needed. Do they need worker’s comp to work for the city too? There is sheet now. Tom said that insurance greatly concerns him. Thinks that we need to be more professional with how we deal with people who work for the city. The intent is that if we have recurring vendors, we will require insurance and licenses, and if no license, then the city has to approve it. We need to do a better job at keeping up our facilities including the working staff of the city council. This includes checking filters, etc.

Council Member Angela Martin will take care of looking for possible bids to do the maintenance on AC at the library and City Hall. If they don’t have this, then the city council needs to approve it like Virgil cleaning the bathrooms for $35 a month. Protection for the city if there are reoccurring issues.

C. LEAF A/C Maintenance

Including above.


9:24 p.m.

[Note from the Editor: The info from Executive Session is from their post agenda.]

Back in Session at 9:30 p.m.

Council Members Tom Brown and Stephen Levin voted to give City Clerk Pamela Schoentag and Librarian Milla Riglin $100 gas gift cards to be paid from personnel budget line item.