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Photo courtesy of Vivid Moments Photo and Tommy Polnaszek.
Who are we???? PC!!!
By Guest Columnist Karen Scudder Bennett

ZEBULON - This picture represents our county, our school, our future…it represents the conditioning that began last winter, the spring game where we all anxiously awaited that drop of Heaven of having a football game in the spring.

This picture represents every drip of sweat during those hot and humid Georgia summer practices, the start of our 7-3 regular season, finishing THIRD IN OUR REGION, MAKING HISTORY IN PIKE COUNTY - going on to win the first round of playoffs…this picture represents every boy who has dedicated the past 10 months of his life to this game – the past 10 plus years to this sport.

This picture is more than an extracurricular activity. We have one player who has a commitment to a D1 school!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! This picture is your son, your neighbor’s son, a patron of your business, the next generation in Pike, the next coach, the next principal , the next teacher, the next attorney, the next commissioner, the next dr, the next builder, the next pastor of a church…


Every boy and every coach in this picture deserves your interest and enthusiasm. I am posting this in hopes to hype up PIKE COUNTY and our community. WE ARE MAKING HISTORY FOLKS! Let’s order banners, change our signs, paint our windows, deck out our cars, wear our team colors and talk about our football team every second we get.

The touchdown club has spent $7,000 to transport these kids to playoff games. WHEN (not if, but when) we keep winning we will run out of money to continue to transport these well-deserved players. It takes a lot of money to give these boys the football program they deserve. And let me be frank – several of the amenities they have do not come from tax dollars.

If you have anything that you can give to the Pike County Touchdown Club please send me a PM and I will connect you with our president and treasurer. If you have a storefront I encourage you to show some good ole Pike County Spirit and decorate your business and tell these boys how amazing they are.

Tag every business in the comments and let’s get the word out! PIKE COUNTY IS MAKING HISTORY! And we invite you to come with us to Cordele and cheer on our boys as we play Crisp County High School in the second round of the playoffs this Friday night at 7:30!!

Who are we???? PC!!!

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Submitted 11.14.17