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Eagle Scout Project to Improve the Pirate Treasure Trail
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - It started with a Letter to the Editor in August of 2015 and has turned into an Eagle Scout Project to improve the Pirates Treasure Trail walking path at the school. The trail runs between the City of Zebulon Park and the Wrestling Building located behind the Pike County Alternative School / Memorial Annex next to Ruth’s Restaurant.

Work was done on the trail to improve one of the bridges and clear the trail in August and September of 2015, but it is time to clear the trail again. And one soon to be Eagle Scout, John Sulewski III, wants to take this one step further.

John and his father have been in discussion with the Board of Education since 2015 to get permission to do improvements to the walking trail. John’s father, John Jr., said that his son was inspired to work on the trail after seeing an article in Pike County Times describing the disrepair of the trail. John III has spent quite a bit of time researching the trail.

John and his Dad have talked several times with the school and met with the owner of the middle part of the property—who has since donated that property to the school system for the trail. John Jr. said that the Director of Facilities and Maintenance for the Pike County School System, Buster James, has been very helpful with this. Buster knew John III from past involvement in Scouting.

From there, items were pinpointed for this Eagle Scout Project, and the hard work will begin on Saturday. The biggest portion of the project is removing the collapsed bridge. The school is providing a dumpster for this portion of the project.

Troop 37 Scout leaders and supporters will go out on Friday night before the Saturday work day and use chain saws to trim limbs back from the path. Trail cleanup will include removal of limbs and debris on Saturday.

Three of the signs at the entrance to the trail will also be replaced. Two vertical signs and one horizontal sign will be replaced with the wooden Pirate Treasure Trail being preserved as a part of the history of the trail.

John III’s Dad advised by phone today that there will be two work days on the trail: Saturday, June 10th and Saturday, June 17th. He said that the public is welcome to come out and be a part of this project. Rakes and gloves will be needed to help with trail cleaning and moving of limbs.

John Jr. said that his son’s Eagle Scout Project will have a minimal cost in what is being done and that it will be a safety improvement to the trail. John III just finished the 8th grade.

Contact Troop 37 Leader Charles Pendley by email at cefcp@yahoo.com if you would like more information or would like to contribute to this Eagle Scout Project.

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