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Community Helps Local Veteran
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - A call went out in our community to help a veteran who was having furnace trouble on Veterans Day. Calls were made to find someone who could examine and repair the furnace to determine the part that needed to be replaced and the price. In the end, $1,000 was the amount that was needed.

Trisha Dabbs sent out the call for community help on Facebook as well as emails going though the American Legion Pike Post 197 here in Zebulon. People didn’t seem to mind that the veteran receiving help was going to retain his privacy as donations began to come in.

November 13 brought in $210 to replace the broken part of the furnace. $125 on one day. $245 on another. $300 on yet another. Donations small and large came in person and in the mail.

When the total was over the $1,000, $389.48 went to Blue Flame for propane into his Blue Flame tank. Then there was a wait for the replacement part, but it was fixed quickly by a local heating and air company as soon as it came in.

Then the veteran went out and his truck wouldn’t start so it was taken to a repair shop to find out what it needed to get running. The truck had mechanical issues that prevented it from starting after the call for donations had gone out.

Donations continued to come in to care for this veteran. This allowed his truck to be repaired and four new tires were placed on it with donations from the community.

In the end, there were close to 50 separate donors who sent $3,346 to the original call for help.

In her thank you to the community, Trisha said the following: “Given this is Thanksgiving week, we have to say we are VERY THANKFUL for each one of you who has cared enough to make this possible. Y'all have just amazed us. This has been an incredibly rewarding Veteran's Day project. It inspires me to give more and do more with a full heart.” The veteran expressed his thanks to the community as well.

Since this time, Pike County Times has seen many posts on Facebook and emails through the American Legion Pike Post 197 with folks reaching out to the community to help take care of people around them during the Christmas season. There were many people, businesses, and organizations in Pike County that were working together to take care of children and families in during this times as well.

Pike County is a place where people genuinely care about each other. Thank you all for making this a great place to live!