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Georgia’s Police K-9s Receive Top-of-the-Line Bullet-Proof Vest

ZEBULON - The Georgia Police K9 Foundation has vested 165 Georgia Law Enforcement K9s is proud to announce that K9 Drena, with the Zebulon Police Department, is the latest to receive an Elite K9 Stealth Fighter K9 Vest, a $1,000.00 value.

What is unique about these K9 protective vests is according to the Elite K9 website description is, “The Stealth Fighter K-9 Ballistic Vest offers the highest, soft body armour protection available at a Level 3A. This k-9 vest was designed to be worn at all times while on patrol and offer maximum mobility while protecting major vital organs. The side panels, front chest plate and shoulder straps all have Level 3A ballistic panels in them that will stop all handgun ammo.

This Mil-Spec K-9 vest has a cool mesh lining on the underside to provide continuous airflow between the dog, and the vest which allows water to escape the vest once the dog comes out of the water. The ballistic panels are sealed in a waterproof nylon and are removable so the vest can be easily cleaned. This vest only weighs between 2.5 - 5.5lbs depending on size.”

These key details help protect our Law Enforcement K9s from becoming exhausted from heavier vests, which may cause overheating. In Georgia, heat indexes can reach over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes. Keeping a K9s body temperature down is crucial while they are working to avoid heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke. K9 Officers unconditionally run into dangerous situations, regardless of whether or not a suspect could be armed with a lethal weapon. The Georgia Police K9 Foundation could not be more excited knowing we have assisted in the protection of our K9 officers against work related injuries or worse yet, death.

According to Kyle Briley, Founder and President of Georgia Police K9 Foundation, “Our organization is honored to protect K9 Drena, with the Zebulon Police Department. It is through generous contributions and support that we are able to make a difference."

K9 Drena, a three-year-old Belgium Malinois, serves and protects the citizens in the Zebulon area for the mere payment of a reward toy and praise from her handler. She absolutely loves family time and meeting the people in the community; however, this incredible Law Enforcement K9’s all time favorite activity is playing the game at work. K9 Drena selflessly serves as a Patrol canine. Our four-legged officer loves doing her job.

Georgia Police K9 Foundation (GPK9F) is an All Volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit, which helps raise awareness within the State and the local communities of the infinite contributions made by the Police K9s and how they save lives to make our communities safe. Our goal is to protect as many of Georgia’s four legged officers by providing them with safety equipment, such as, bullet-proof vests, heat alarm systems, and Naloxone (Narcan Kits) in the event a K9 is directly exposed to any opioids during a search and seizure. Once a K9 has retired, the Handler will adopt their K9 partner and best friend. In the absence of State or local retirement benefits for the K9s, GPK9F will help provide retirement support (food and medical care) for the retired law enforcement K9s, who have unconditionally served their communities for years. To date, the Georgia Police K9 Foundation has assisted over 4,000 Georgia K9s by providing 165 K9 Protection Vests, 87 Heat Alarms, 500+ Training equipment, seminars, and trainings were supplied to numerous K9 teams across the State of Georgia, and assisted 200+ Retired K9s.

As a foundation, we want to thank each sponsor, donor and supporter of our mission. There are multiple avenues in joining our foundation’s mission. If you are interested in how you can help or make a tax-deductible donation, please feel free to contact us through our website at GPK9F.org or Checks can be mailed to: Georgia Police K9 Foundation, 26 Joe Kennedy Blvd, Unit 48, Statesboro, Georgia 30458. You are also welcome to follow Georgia Police K9 Foundation on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Together, we can assist active and retired law enforcement K9s to create safer communities.

Submitted 3.9.23