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Photo courtesy of Amber Flournoy.
Supply Closet Honoring Mom and Helping Kids Prepare for School
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - Amber Flournoy had a dream to help others in memory of her Mom, Deneice Foster. She began the Clothes and Supply Closet in 2017 so she could start helping families she knew who were having a hard time. Two years later, this ministry has grown into a non-profit organization with ties to another local organization where the community can help bless others.

A recent post on Facebook said, “We were blessed with a donation of 15 more bookbags today! This year we have 75 children registered so far for our Clothes and School Supply Closet 2019! What a blessing it is to help so many children returning to school!”

I began asking questions and found out that Amber met Jennifer Williams who is the CEO of Donavan’s Dream shortly after beginning her own ministry. Jennifer and Amber then began working together through ministry to help others. Amber said that Jennifer helped her to assist families that needed help with food. This relationship grew and Amber is now the President of Donavan’s Dream, and these organizations work together to make a difference in the lives of many families in their time of need.

Donavan’s Dream is a food pantry that is able to help over 100 families a week. The Clothes and Supply Closet helped 150 children in 2018 and is working to do the same again this year. “I try to do the bookbags and clothes for families having a hard time,” she said.

Amber said that the Supply Closet grew quickly and that the community has helped her so much. “Years ago I walked from business to business passing out a flyer asking if they would donate a bookbag to a child in need,” she said. “It's been growing ever since.”

“When I started doing this it was something I saved for,” Amber said. “Now I'm so thankful for all the donations from our community that allows me to help so many more than I could by myself!” And Amber said that her Mom is the reason that she does this every year.

“My mission is to help as many families as possible! All donations are appreciated and will help a precious child returning to school,” Amber told Pike County Times. “Last year each child received a new bookbag, supplies, and clothes. Thank you to everyone that helps make this possible every year.”

Items that are needed include donations of bookbags, school supplies, gently used and new clothes. “I was able to help 150 kids last year and we are up to 75 this year so far,” she said.

With the donations that Amber has been given to date, she is packing for 200 children. You could help increase that number. Amber is helping 15 children outside of Pike County this year, but the rest are from Pike County.

August 4 is the deadline for donations to ensure that children can pick up needed supplies in time to start school.

You can donate to this organization through this link on Facebook, www.facebook.com/donate/378396169701643/2469873443244403/ Or you can donate bookbags, supplies, or clothing by contacting Amber. “I am nonprofit sponsored and donation receipts will be given!”

Donavan's dream is on Facebook and donations can be made directly online there too: www.facebook.com/DonavansDream.