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Spalding County Sheriff's Office Making Temporary Changes

GRIFFIN - In an ongoing effort to safeguard the health and wellbeing of both the Spalding County community and Spalding County Sheriff’s Office employees, we will be making temporary changes to the way that we respond to some non-emergency calls, calls for crimes that are not in progress or have already occurred, and civil matters.

If you have a problem that is non-emergency, not in progress, and does not require that a deputy respond to the scene or meet with you in person or recover evidence, we now have a direct line where you can call the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office at 770-467-5408 and speak to a deputy. You will be able to file your report by phone. This service will be available Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 6:00pm. If it is after those hours, you can leave a message and a deputy will return your call the next business day. For the next 30 days we will also email you a copy of the report filed by phone once it is approved.

Our deputies will be maintaining their normal patrols across the county just as we always have and will be responding to calls for service based on severity, whether criminal or civil in nature, and if the need to have a deputy respond in person is necessary. If the call is a non-emergency, has already occurred, or is a civil issue not in progress, you may experience an extended call response time based on the prioritization of more urgent calls. This would be a convenient opportunity for you to use the phone-in reporting system.

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is also offering a service for our elderly and those with compromised immune systems. If you fall into one of those categories and need assistance, beginning tomorrow morning, March 17, 2020, you can call the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office at 770-467-4282 extensions 31404 or 31497. At those numbers you can speak to a deputy if you need us to pick up and deliver medications or other essentials to you. This service will also be available Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Sheriff Darrell Dix, “We are all in this together and we will continue to offer the service you have come to expect from the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office. The modifications to call responses are minor and will not affect your ability to receive the service your taxes pay for. Just as always, we will still be patrolling the county and responding to crimes in progress, emergency calls, and calls where there is a threat to life or limb. Our deputies, just like all public safety employees and many others in various job fields, come in to contact with a wide variety of people, places, circumstances, and things in their day to day chosen professions. By taking these proactive steps we are striving to keep the wellbeing of the public, deputies, and other employees in focus.”

Submitted 3.16.20