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Members of the Pike County Roads Department, with Scouts (L-R) Dakota Fox, Bradley Florence and Johnny McFadden. PCPW Director Todd Goolsby is pictured on the right.

Scout Bradley Florence supervises scouts Dakota Fox and Johnny McFadden as they install an anchor for a corner hazard sign.
FLASHBACK: Boy Scout Completes Eagle Scout Project in Hopes of Saving Lives

CONCORD - Bradley Florence, Boy Scout in Troop 107 of Christ Chapel Community Church, in partnership with the Pike County Public Works Department, the Pike County Sheriff's Department and members of Troop 107; installed corner warning signs on Friday, August 2nd along Concord Road near the intersection of Bottoms and Concord Roads. This marked the completion of Bradley’s Eagle Scout project.

Bradley choose to do this particular project after the tragedy involving Macy Champagne Mons on Feb 2nd 2017, and after hearing of other accidents near the curve. After giving this much thought and driving this roadway nearly every day, he knew something had to change.

Working with Todd Goolsby and the Pike County Public Works Department, Bradley Florence lead Troop members to install 2 corner warning signs indicating ‘curve ahead’ and 6 chevron signs to maintain awareness throughout the curve near the intersection of Concord and Bottoms road. It is his hope that this small change will help save lives.

Bradley would like to thank the Pike County Public Works Department, the Pike County Sheriff’s Department and the members of Troop 107 for their exemplary support and assistance to complete this project.

Submitted 12.21.19