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Local Bird Hunter Releases First Novel - "Endless October"

ZEBULON - Retired pilot but still very active hunter Randall "Randy" Schultz has bowed to his wife's wishes and written that book.

In his dedication, Schultz writes, "This book is dedicated to my lovely wife, BJ. She loves me and, more important, my dogs. For years, she has encouraged me to write about my adventures. I finally did it."

"Endless October" is the title of Schultz's book, being published by Free State West Publishing.

Its subtitle is "Short stories from a traveling bird hunter," and recounts adventures with his dogs in several states.

Zebulon resident Schultz, a native of Alaska, is a Navy and Naval Reserves veteran and a retired Delta Airlines pilot.

Though he is also a veteran blogger, www.abirdhuntersthoughts.com, and podcaster, and has contributed to several magazines, "Endless October" is his first book.

It will be available from Amazon in both paperback and electronic form after April 16, Free State West Publishing said.

Schultz said, "I enjoy traveling around the country," adding he spends "from September to February hunting several different species of upland gamebirds."

In "Endless October," Schultz tells about traveling, hunting, and participating in events with his different dogs in different states, including Texas, Montana, and North Dakota.

He said the practicalities of publishing are such that his e-book has many more color photographs than the paperback version, and he wonders if there are readers who will want both.

Schultz said he himself has preferred e-books for a long time because they are easier to carry during his many travels.

He added he has noticed that young people seem to prefer them to the standard on-paper books, probably because of that portability.

Editor and publisher Michael Morrison said of the book, "I, perhaps to my shame, have always been a sedentary and indoorsy type, but Randy's book made me envision the great outdoors. His stories of his dogs, even more, really tickled me and I think even other indoor-type people will empathize."

Morrison added that his Arizona-based company especially appreciated "Randy's stories about hunting in our state."

Submitted 4.28.19