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Pike County Coroner Releases Report on the Death of Dylan Michael Thomas

ZEBULON - This is the report from the Pike County Coroner’s Office located in Zebulon, Georgia. Terrell A. Moody is the Pike County Coroner.

[Note from the Editor: I am uploading this press release in its entirety because I have heard all kinds of rumors, and hopefully this will put a rest to those rumors. The family needs closure and our prayers--not just today but in the days to come too.]

PRESS RELEASE: October 9, 2018
Ref: Death of Dylan Michael Thomas, age 16 of Hollonville, GA

"Pike County continues to extend its condolences to the family of Dylan Thomas during this time and in view of this unfortunate tragedy. The outpouring of love and support from the community and many others has been amazing. We have no further comment at this time other than what has been included in the official summary."

Official Statement for September 28, 2018, response

On September 28th Pike County Fire and Emergency Management had emergency personnel covering the Pike County HS football game as they do at every home game. Emergency personnel and EMS were requested to come onto the sidelines to evaluate a player. At that time dispatch was called via handheld radio to dispatch an ambulance. Personnel present responded onto the sidelines with spinal immobilization equipment and other necessary equipment. They were followed by the emergency response utility vehicle which also responded onto the field, with additional equipment. Equipment on the vehicle includes such items as spinal immobilization equipment, medical jump bag, oxygen, and an AED. It is set up to transport a patient off the field in spinal immobilization.

Submitted by Jimmy Totten
Pike County Emergency Management Agency Director

Coroner’s Report, Official Summary and Timeline of events
Ref: Death of Dylan Michael Thomas, age 16, of Hollonville, GA

At or around
9:20 PM, Friday, September 28, 2018 Zebulon, Georgia During the 3rd quarter of a varsity football game between Pike County and Peach County, an official from the GHSA signaled for play to stop for an injured player. At that time, Dylan was standing, with assistance, and verbally communicating with this official. Trainers from both sidelines responded and both trainers verbally communicated with Dylan. Dylan indicated a loss of feeling in his left leg and was alert and responsive to all questions asked of him. Dylan was assisted to the sideline with the help of a teammate and the Pike County trainer.

9:27 PM
Dylan’s condition began to deteriorate and local dispatch was contacted by a local first responder/fire personnel radio to request an ambulance.

9:38 PM
Dylan was enroute via Grady Ambulance Service to the Wellstar – Spalding Regional Hospital helipad in Griffin.

10:15 PM
A Life Flight helicopter crew has assumed custody of Dylan and they are transporting him to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

10:58 PM
Dylan was admitted to Grady with a head injury, under the care of Bryan C. Morse, MD. Over the next 40 - 45 hours, Dylan had multiple surgeries, medical tests, and additional life saving measures by the Trauma/Surgical Critical Care team at Grady Memorial Hospital.

At 7:41 PM, Sunday, September 30, 2018
Dylan was pronounced dead by Dr. Randi N. Smith. As coroner, I was notified by the Grady Medical staff of his death. I then spoke to an assistant for Dr. Desamours from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab. I initiated, and was a part of, a 3 way conversation between these parties and discussed Dylan’s injuries and treatments he had received. After further consultation with Dr. Desamours, the crime lab determined an autopsy was not needed because all of Dylan’s injuries were documented at the hospital.

Dylan’s official cause of death is: Cardiac Arrest, due to, or as a consequence of Traumatic Brain Injury, due to, or as a consequence of a Closed Head Injury.
The manner of death is: Accident

Summation: Dylan Thomas was a healthy 16 year old boy in great physical shape. There were no preexisting medical conditions found in his routine physicals nor during his extensive medical treatment at Grady that would indicate Dylan would be more or less susceptible to this injury than any other ballplayer. Medical staff at Grady described to Dylan’s parents the nature of the injury as an anomaly, requiring the perfect amount of pressure on the perfect spot at the perfect angle. It is my opinion no additional preventative measures nor subsequent treatments could have prevented Dylan’s death.
/S/ Terrell A. Moody
Pike County Coroner

Submitted 10.9.18