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Recycling Halted at the Transfer Station Until COVID-19 Threat Has Passed; All Items Must Be Buried With the Trash

ZEBULON - Pike County Times received this letter from Pike Countryside Sanitation, Inc. this afternoon in regard to the Transfer Station and Recycling Center.

Attention to all citizens that use this facility!

We must take precautionary measures that protect the workers and the citizens that use this facility.

We believe that it would be best to stop all recycling at this time. There is too much information on how long this virus lives in and on recyclable items to ignore. The Recycle Center could harbor germs or the virus for an undetermined amount of time putting all users at risk. We believe it is too risky to store these items for bailing. We promise to get back on track when this outbreak stops. It would be best now to bury these items in the landfill with the garbage.

All garbage and other items will still be taken, but we need your help. We need users to have dollar bills, so we will not have to make so much change. Please have one-dollar bills and quarters. Checks are welcomed as well.

We will still have workers to help you unload if you need help. We believe it would be best to drop your garbage on the pad up top, and we will push it in the pit with our loader. Do not get near the pit!

Stay 6 feet away at minimum. The process will be a little slower but please be patient.

It is a necessity to keep the transfer station open so all the garbage gets to the landfill and buried.

Solid waste is a dangerous business and now with this virus, possibly makes it deadly.

Working together we can get through this and keep the facility open and safe for all. In these unsure times it is better to be safe than sorry. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Wayne Harper

Submitted 3.18.20