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Concerned Citizens for Pike County Hosts Rally for Peace and Justice
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - Concerned Citizens for Pike County hosted a rally for peace and justice on the courthouse square in Pike County on Sunday, June 14. More than 100 people gathered at this protest. The Sheriff and deputies from the Pike County Sheriff’s Office along with Zebulon Police Department were on the square to talk to protesters as well as provide protection for them as they spoke out for justice right here in Zebulon.

Reverend Quin Baker began by saying that protesters were bringing a spirit of harmony and striking a blow to injustice. He also pointed out that no one was saying that only black lives matter, but that all lives matter cannot happen without black people. "Nobody is free until everybody is free." He said that continued reform on a local, state, and national level that includes a call for more diversity and building relationships with police departments and mentoring teens with criminal backgrounds. He called for people to be counted in the census and at the polls. God is our help in a time of trouble. He urged everyone to learn to live together as brothers. "We need pastors in this country that will preach like Jesus, who will say from their pulpits that black lives matter and that you must love your brother and sister. There ain't no white heaven and there ain't no black heaven."

Reverend Fred Blackmon said that those gathered in Zebulon were setting an example for the nation. They were showing outsiders how people ought to live and get along with one another. "What we need to talk about today is unity among God's people." He said that where there is unity, there is strength and that racism and evil separate God's people. "If there is ever going to be a change, it needs to start at home." People need a little more togetherness.

Reverend Willie Curtis led 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence in honor of George Floyd. Heads were bowed as Rev. Curtis lead this silence. The only sound was that of vehicles passing the courthouse. Many people looked like they were praying. He pointed out at the end of the silence that "it was an eternity." He also pointed out that protesters needed to be giving thanks in the struggle. He quoted Psalm 89:14 and said that God cannot be unjust. He sets standards for justice, and without justice there would never be any peace. "We are all standing in need of justice. You don't know what injustice feels like without spending a night in my house, until you spend a day wearing my shoes." He said Breonna Taylor was shot with a no knock warrant, Ahmaud Arbery was taking a jog and was killed in South Georgia, Eric Garner was selling cigarettes in New York and was killed, Trayvon Martin was gunned down, Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, and George Floyd was killed because they said he passed a fake $20 bill. He said that George Floyd’s name has brought us together all over the world. “We can’t go home with business like usual; enough is enough. If you want peace, you’re gonna have to give us some justice.” He then quoted Martin Luther King Jr.’s Let Freedom Ring speech and changed the word freedom to justice. “Let justice reign here in Pike County.”

Here is a link to the protest through FB Live courtesy of Lakeitha Rousseau. Have a listen even if it's not your cup of tea. You might be shocked that it wasn't what you expected and that you agree with more than you realized! www.facebook.com/lakeitha.rousseau/videos/10223004367202258.