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Photo courtesy of Troop 37.

Photo courtesy of Troop 37.
Want to Donate Popcorn to Public Service or our Military?

ZEBULON - As many of you may be aware the Boy Scouts of America has two major fundraisers each year: Camp Cards in the spring and Popcorn in the fall. With each of these fund raisers these BSA Scouts are learning several skills without even realizing it including learning how to interact with strangers, how to accept rejection, and how to become self-sufficient in earning their own way financially in their scouting career.

With the fall Popcorn fundraiser coming to an end, BSA Troop 37 would like to offer those that are interested an amazing donating opportunity. Between now and December 7, 2018, any of the remaining Popcorn purchased from Troop 37 will be donated to either a local public service branch within our District (Fire, Police, EMS) or our local National Guard Armory out of Griffin. “We want to give back to those that are putting themselves on the line every day away from their families so that we all can be with our families,” said Assistant Scout Master Stephen Bryant.

In our remaining inventory, we have a Cheddar Trio, Popping Corn, Unbelievable Butter microwave, Caramel Corn, and White Cheddar. The prices on the individual items range from $10 up to $35 and your total donation could be up $600 based on our current inventory. Tax receipts are available upon request.

For any further detailed information or to arrange a donation, please contact Assistant Scout Master Stephen Bryant at 404-809-1386 or by email at buffalo926@gmail.com. Thank you.

Submitted 11.29.18