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New Tribes Mission Child Abuse Allegations Impact Pike County
By Editor Becky Watts

WILLIAMSON - Pike County Times has been contacted by several concerned citizens about David Brooks because of the following article that NBC News reported in February of this year. At the time of this news broadcast, Brooks lived in Williamson and his wife, Lugene, was reportedly employed at CrossPointe Christian Academy in Williamson. Multiple sources (including a concerned parent) advised Pike County Times that David Brooks had been seen on campus from time to time with his wife so Pike County Times began an investigation into this matter.

Ungodly abuse: The lasting torment of the New Tribes missionary kids The accused sexual predators are living freely in communities around the U.S., their sordid pasts known only to a few.
February 7, 2019.
By Kate Snow, Aliza Nadi and Rich Schapiro, NBC News.
When the clock struck 8 p.m. inside the Aritao boarding school in the Philippines, the children would gather in a common area for their evening routine. Ungodly abuse: The lasting torment of the New Tribes missionary kids

Pike County Times found the following articles that provide information on an extensive investigation as well as lawsuits that were brought against New Tribes Mission and a settlement that was reached in 2015.

The G.R.A.C.E. (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) Report from August 28, 2010 can be viewed in its entirety at the following link. [Note from the Editor: This report contains adult content as it is an investigation of child abuse that was alleged at New Tribes Fanda Missionary Schools.] www.bishop-accountability.org/reports/2010_08_28_GRACE_Fanda_Report.pdf

The following are two articles from the Orlando Sentinel in Florida where New Tribes Mission was based. Pike County Times obtained written permission to post links to these articles.

New Tribes Mission hit by another child sex abuse suit
Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel
July 29, 2011.
SANFORD – Another woman has sued New Tribes Mission, one of the largest Christian mission organizations in the world, the second alleging she was the child of missionaries when she was sexually abused by a dorm dad and Bible teacher at a New Tribes-run boarding school 25 years ago. New Tribes Mission hit by another child sex abuse suit

New Tribes Mission settles 'dorm dad' sex-abuse case.
By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel.
June 16, 2015.
SANFORD — The crimes took place nearly 30 years ago in a village in Africa. Now a woman who says she was sexually abused repeatedly by a "dorm dad" in a Christian boarding school that was run by New Tribes Mission has reached a financial settlement with the group.
New Tribes Mission settles 'dorm dad' sex-abuse case

fandaeagles.com is another website that has information pertaining to these allegations and to New Tribes Mission.

On March 8, 2019, Pike County Times contacted CrossPointe Christian Academy in Williamson and asked the following question: “Will CrossPointe be releasing any kind of statement to the public and its students in reference to David Brooks?”

Kim Rogers, M.Ed. replied by email on behalf of the CrossPointe Board of Trustees with the following statement, “Thank you for your inquiry. The Board of Trustees and Administration have communicated by email to all CrossPointe families and have made ourselves available for individual parent conferences.”

On March 28, 2019, Pike County Times had completed its investigation and sent a second email to Kim Rogers, M.Ed. It was stated, “I have conducted additional research on this matter and have a few questions that the Board may or may not want to answer, but I cannot upload my article in good conscience without giving the school an opportunity to respond. I also realize that Crosspointe is a private school so the rules are different than the public school system when it comes to open records…”

Pike County Times then asked a list of questions regarding the employment of Lugene Brooks, the wife of David Brooks, who was reported to have been working at Crosspointe. These questions included her specific title, how long she has worked at the school, whether she is still employed at Crosspointe, and whether and what specific steps had been taken to prevent her husband from being on campus.

A point of information was included in the email that advised of multiple sources contacting Pike County Times after the NBC News article was published and advised that Pike County Times is “following up this matter as requested based on the safety aspect of students just as I would have if an accusation had been made at any other school in our county.” The school was also advised that a copy of the GRACE report and articles from the Orlando Sentinel following the lawsuits against New Tribes Mission would be linked to this article.

Pike County Times then advised if no response was given by April 8, the article would go online with the statement from March 8. The article was uploaded on April 9 and then removed on April 10 when it was determined that the March 28 email to Ms. Rogers did not arrive at its intended email destination. This was done to allow the school an opportunity to make a statement per the original March 28 email. It was also noted on my front page what had happened and that the article would be updated and uploaded as soon as it was complete.

In the April 10 email, Pike County Times asked that the school advise in writing if there was anything that was not factual in this article. There was also a follow up based on a call from another confidential source.

The questions were regardoing whether David Brooks was employed in a full-time, part-time, or subcontractor position of any type at Crosspointe? If so, what was his title and how long was he employed at Crosspointe? And is he still employed at Crosspointe? If he was not employed, did he ever have access to school grounds as a volunteer or otherwise? Were there any parameters placed around his employment/subcontractor status/volunteer status at Crosspointe concerning access to students?

Pike County Times also asked if the school and/or school administrators aware of the accusations from New Tribes Mission if/when he was employed? And at what point did any employee, administrator, and/or representative of Crosspointe become aware of the allegations made concerning New Tribes Mission?

An email arrived by April 22 with Kim Rogers, M.Ed. speaking on behalf of the CrossPointe Board of Trustees with a statement. It is printed in its entirety in the following two paragraphs.

"Thank you for contacting CrossPointe for clarification. David Brooks was not an employee of CrossPointe Christian Academy (CCA). Lugene Brooks was an employee of CrossPointe and tendered resignation of her position as Finance Director on 2/27/19. She worked her notice remotely to train her successor, which was completed on 3/15/19."

"In conclusion to this matter, CrossPointe Christian Academy Board and leadership remain committed to moving forward with CrossPointe's vision for our students to develop: a Confidence in the Transforming Grace of Christ, a Passion for Learning and Academic Excellence, a Respect for Others, a Responsibility to God for self and to use their gifts, talents and abilities in Service to Others.