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Gary Kubik and Gina Hatchett from Harps Crossing in Hollonville

Cathie Cabot, Charlotte Rea, and Paul Harris attended.
Annual National Day of Prayer Will Be Held on the Courthouse Square

ZEBULON - On Thursday, May 4, 2017, Prayer Power of Georgia sponsored the Pike County celebration of the annual National Day of Prayer. It was supposed to be held on the Courthouse Square, but the chilly rain made it necessary to move the event indoors at Zebulon First Baptist Church.

Organizer Ben Maxedon told those who attended that this was the 67th National Day of Prayer Celebration in our country, the 17th celebration in Pike County, and the first celebration that was rained out. About 40 people braved the rain to attend.

Special music was provided by Gary Kubik, Worship Minister Harps Crossing in Hollonville. He was accompanied by Gina Hatchett. Chaplain Ben Maxedon opened and closed the celebration. Commander Bryan Richardson of the American Legion Pike Post 197 led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The National Day of Prayer is a patriotic and spiritual celebration of our great nation; a time to join together to honor those who have served in many different capacities and to ask blessings for those who are serving our community and nation as they are called.

Chaplain Maxedon asked the audience to join in prayer for our country and those in leadership on a local, state, and national level as well as a prayer of thanks for those who have served and are serving our country. Rev. Mike Powell and Rev. Ken Fuller offered words and prayers for our community, state, nation, and all that need salvation.

Rev. Fuller from Williamson United Methodist Church cited 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and urged everyone to pray every day without ceasing. He prayed specifically for our nation, our president, and our leaders. He asked for prayer for protection and guidance for our leaders as well as for us and our law enforcement. He also offered a prayer of thanks for the greatest blessing of knowing Jesus Christ.

Minister Mike Powell from Pike County Family Connections wore a backpack during the first part of his mini-sermon and it brought his point home beautifully. He said that Jesus has always used the word come when it came to his followers: come and follow me and come and lay your burdens down. He cited Matthew 11:28 and told those in attendance that we have become god (with emphasis on a little g) in our eyes and we enjoy carrying our burdens, sins, wounds, and hurts because we want our own kingdoms first. But Jesus said to come and follow me and he is saying to lay down our burdens. He pointed out that when we carry our own stuff, we are saying that we trust in ourselves and not God. "We can talk about prayer, church and Christianity all day," he said, "but do we know Him and is he changing our lives?" He ended by asking if we are bringing life and Jesus Christ to a world that is totally broken.

Chaplain Ben Maxedon closed by saying that the prayers of a righteous man accomplish much and faith without works is dead. He urged those in attendance to pray every day and go out into the world and work and show God to those who haven't yet seen him. He challenged us to pray, reach out, and serve others in order to show what Jesus Christ really means. "Bring the gospel of Jesus to those around us in our words and deeds," he said. He ended the program with a prayer of thanks for those who serve in our country as well as thanks for our freedoms and our country.

The National Day of Prayer is held every year on the first Thursday in May at noon. If you missed out this year, mark your calendar for next year!

Learn more about Prayer Power at prayerpower4u.net.


Rev. Ken Fuller from Williamson United Methodist Church

Minister Mike Powell from Pike County Family Connections

Chaplain Ben Maxedon from Prayer Power of Georgia, Inc.

Commander Bryan Richardson of the American Legion Pike Post 197