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Georgia Irish Frisbee Dogs Win Big at the Skyhoundz Frisbee Dog World Championships

ZEBULON - Local Pike County resident, Mark Muir, and his pups won big again at 2017 Skyhoundz Frisbee Dog World Championships in Tennessee. The sport of frisbee dogging has been around for approximately 50 years now. There are over 200,000 teams plus around the world now, but only a few teams can be crowned world champions in the very few different categories available at the World Championships.

Mark and his wife of over thirty years, Stacey Muir, who has recently battled big-time two types of life threatening cancer is his number one helper. "The dogs are all mine, and I just let Mark borrow them to play frisbee!" Stacey jokes. Mark has also been battling some severe health issues from Liver Failure to Blood Clots to White Blood Cell issues to dizziness issues. , but says that he trusts they will all be cleared up soon.

Right before the world championships, Mark and Stacey lost one of their dogs named Gipper. Many have told them them that Gipper was the greatest frisbee dog in the history of the sport. "It took a lot for me to gather up the strength both mentally and physically to even commit to going to the World Championships just a few days before," Mark said.

While there at the Skyhoundz Frisbee Dog World Championships this year, Mark actually played Frisbee with one of his friend’s dogs. Gabo Huerto and his dog Matilda are from Mexico. Mark and Matilda won one of the world championships. That became historical because they became the first team to ever represent Latino America and win a world championships.

Mark also won with Nicole Brumbles' small Dog named Lilly. They had the second longest throw and catch in history to win a world championships. Nicole Brumble threw to Mark's One year old pup named Storm, and they were World Champion Runnersup!!

Mark headed to Chattanooga with no real expectations of success--only a good time with friends and his pups. "By some miracle, I came home with two more World Championships, a Runnersup, and a Third Place." His team is now 10 Time World Champions, 16 Time World Champion Runnersup, and 10 Time National Champions.

"It made me proud everytime I took the field, and they would announce that my team is from Pike County, Georgia!" Mark said.

Mark, Stacey, and their dogs, along with former world champion Peter Bloeme and his wife Laura and their pups, will be performing at the Rock Ranch on October 28th, 2017 at the Not So Spooky Halloween Festival.

You will not want to miss their shows and also get a chance to see the only three legged dog that has ever qualified in freestyle at the World Championships. Her name is "HOPE," and she will perform at the Rock Ranch too.

To Learn more about Mark and his pups, please go to Georgia Irish Frisbee Dogs.

Mark actually plans to have some seminars to teach people how to play in the future if anyone is interested too. He will post on the Pike County Community Discussion Facebook page.

Click here to find out more about the Not So Spooky Halloween Festival at the Rock Ranch. Photos courtesy of MarK Muir and Georgia Irish Frisbee Dogs.

Submitted 10.18.17