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All photos courtesy of Sarah and Christina Neath.

Many more photos below the article!
Best Friends Compete for Top Finish at Summit Atlanta Motorama
By Guest Columnist Ramey Womer, UMI Performance

HAMPTON - The Summit Racing Atlanta Motorama on April 27-28 was an epic event in many regards but it’s always the backstories that are the most interesting.

We saw monster trucks, 100-point show quality cars, tons of fast autocross cars, parts from the biggest vendors in the business and countless other areas of automotive interest. The neatest thing, however, came down to the final showdown at the Motorama Autocross.

Big crowds watched 80 cars battle it out on the autocross course all weekend. Autocross is a time trial event where competitors push their cars through what is essentially a road course one by one in a safe yet exciting manner.

This is a grassroots motorsport where drivers can drive their street car, mildly modified car, or dedicated autocross weapon. Best friends, Ethan Neath and Scott Watson, spent the weekend driving their UMI equipped 4th Gen Camaros and honing their skills on course.

Oftentimes, these autocross events are decided by thousandths of a second. As the laps went by it was apparent that these two guys with their trusty cars were running near the front of the pack.

At this event the champion is determined by a head-to-head shootout. Cone penalties can be a deal breaker so one little slip and you’re gone. Ethan and Scott both made the shootout based on their performance through the weekend. As rounds went by, 16 became 8, 8 became 4, 4 became 2…

You could cut the tension with a knife. Guess who made it to the finals? Correct, Ethan and Scott. Talk about nerve wracking.

In the end it was student Scott besting teacher Ethan by just a tenth. Motorsports is a fickle thing and on this day Scott prevailed. I was at the Summit McDonough show with these two guys and the entire Neath family.

Scott was in shock and displayed the Motorama Autocross Champion trophy with pride, but not without making sure his teacher received most of the credit.

Cool stuff from Summit Atlanta Motorama.

Submitted 6.26.19