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All photos courtesy of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
Bradin Maddox Continues to Grow Up #MaddoxStrong
Courtesy of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

ZEBULON - Bradin Maddox, Pike County local, has overcome many challenges in his 9 years of life so far and with every obstacle proves he is #MaddoxStrong.

“We started the hashtag #MaddoxStrong after my husband [Chase Maddox] was killed in the line of duty [on Feb. 9, 2018],” said Alex Maddox, Bradin’s mother. “Now anytime that we do that exemplifies the strength that Chase has, we use the hashtag. It just kind of took off and the community has been so great.”

Bradin’s medical history is complex and he has visited specialists at Children’s since he was eight-months-old. His diagnosis of septo-optic dysplasia, a disorder of early brain development, causes a wide variety of symptoms, including physical challenges.

At three-years-old, he was walking on his own often, but that began to change as his body grew. Despite regular physical therapy, his condition caused his tendons to tighten up, his ankles to turn in severely and the right side of his body to constrict resulting in the inability to walk on his own.

On April 17, Dr. Robert Bruce, MD, performed extensive surgery on Bradin including a double hip reconstruction, double knee, and double ankle surgery in hopes of getting him back up and walking again.

"Dr. Bruce has been great from day one. When I interacted with him, I was a nervous mom, of course, I met him almost right after everything with my husband. I loved the way he talked and interacted with Bradin. He didn’t make me feel intimidated or use a bunch of jargon that I didn’t understand, he talked with me like he’d known me forever which was really comforting. He just made everything as least stressful as possible. He told me, when he’s in surgery he’s like my son so I’ll take care of him like he’s my own."

There have been some miraculous updates since this surgery took place.

"After PT and surgery, Bradin did something he hasn't done for 6 years – he took a few steps," said Alex. "He just picked his feet up left and right as if no time had passed at all. He's amazing."

Bradin went back to school here in Pike County went school began last week. He is continuing therapy, and his progress will be marked in steps and smiles.

"He’s [Bradin] a very resilient kid and despite everything that’s been handed to him in life – that he didn’t ask – he always has a smile and he always gives you a reason to smile or laugh," said Bradin's Mom, Alex. "He lost his dad and he’s got all these daily struggles on top of that and every day he amazes us and he never gives up. He just keeps going. He’s definitely been a light and a big encouragement for our family ever since he was born and especially now."

[Note from the Editor: Thank you to Madison Stevens and Allyson Wright from Public Relations at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for their help in publishing Bradin's amazing story and providing pictures to Pike County Times!]

Submitted 8.16.19