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J. Joel Edwards Public Library Board Meeting - November 14, 2019
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - This Library Board Meeting was attended by Gillian Appleton (Chair), Joy Walker, Patty Talley, Anthony Vinson (Secretary), Kathy Zellner, Library Manager Rosemary Bunn, and FRRLS Representative Natalie Marshall. Patsy Page came in after the meeting started. Attempted to bring Cynthia in by phone. Visitors: Rhonda Morgan, Becky Watts.

Anthony said that he thought that we should take the 3 year plan off of the agenda until we were ready to get to it. Gillian said that she likes it on there until we can get to it because it is important and this serves as a reminder to it is not forgotten. Patty said that this will move up if we can get the other old business taken care of tonight.

Motion to approve the agenda. Approved.

Motion to approve the minutes from the September meeting. Approved.

Motion to approve minutes from September. Approved.


February 13, 2020 is the next Library Legislative Day at the Capitol. Advocating for library funds.


Rosemary advised that Helen Carter, 17 year local UGA employee, and Cameron Gladwell are the new employees here at the library.

We are in line to look at senior placement starting in January with Three Rivers. Three Rivers will pay them, but they work for the library.

3rd and 4th Wednesdays of the month will have the Three Rivers meetings here for what used to be called Workforce Training.

Building expansion is complete. The new room will be used for storage and processing incoming donations. The units were brought down and Brandon Rogers and Gail cut the shelves and made them work. Everything is set up now.

STEAM Room is almost ready to open to the public. Saturday, January 11, 2020 will be the STEAM Room Open House day. It may be open some before then, but this will be the grand opening.

She has attended maker fairs and had some things donated and sold to us at cost so she is putting the kits together. December 14 is the first training class with the kumihimo looms. The public is welcome to attend.

The county has taken over building the room. Signage was rolled into the current Impact Fee request because the room came in under budget. It is going to be a beautiful lighted sign by the road with a stone façade with the name and street number on it along with changeable lettering that will be behind lock and key. The county is responsible for the building and the sign out front. The Library Board has requested new signage in the past so they went ahead and rolled this all together.

Murder in Coweta County was a tremendous success.

Michael Buffalo Smith is coming on December 7, 2019. He will have music and it will be a local book signing at the Concord Event Center.

She asked board members if what she is presenting what they need.


Curtis is not present. Rosemary said that there have been some expenses. When the county became the personnel agent, advertising costs were removed from the budget. We assumed that those costs would be paid by the county but this is not the case so $150 has been put under advertising in the budget. The board is ok with not making a decision on this today. This was advertising for employee openings. This will be on next month’s meeting so it isn’t forgotten. Are we going to take it from another line item or leave it unbudgeted and possibly become an over budgeted item? Gillian wants to make sure that we follow up on this.


Approval of Constitution and Bylaws. One of primary duties is to keep these current. Revised November of 2018 but last time it was actually voted upon was in 2013. We are a Board of Trustees. Discussion over the adoption of the name and needing to be consistent in the entire document with this matching what the county put on the memorandum of understanding: J. Joel Edwards Public Library of Pike County. They walked through the entire document.

They walked the Constitution and By Laws section by section. They will finish up next meeting.

[Note from the Editor: These board members worked together to talk through their thoughts and concerns throughout every single section of this important library legislation. This has been talked about off and on since I began attending Library meetings in November of 2018, but nothing was ever finalized. This was a HUGE step for this board, and I was proud to be able to sit to the side and see them work together as a team to accomplish an important goal. Needless to say, I am no longer having to attend library board meetings. I am able to simply read the minutes hanging up on the board in the foyer as I walk into the library. I really like that! There has not been a single other instance--with the exception of the commissioners that I have followed for 20 years--where I have HAD to attend meetings for a year to ensure that the rules were being followed and everyone was working together for the good of our community. These members have worked hard to become a cohesive group, and I'm proud of their representation for our community. Thank you to each of you for your service!]

Motion to table the 3 year Strategic Plan. Approved.

Open House for the Commissioners and the School Board. It came up during training. They want to show them what has been done before the public grand opening. Maybe have the commissioners and school board members’ Open House on January 9th at 3:30 p.m. on the day of the next meeting.

Motion to hold the Open House for commissioners and school board members on January 9 at 3:30 p.m. Approved.

Kathy will be designing the invitations and Rosemary will send them out using funds from Friends of the Library. Approved.

Motion to adjourn. 6:02 p.m.