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Photo of Kenneth Coursey courtesy of the J. Joel Edwards Public Library.

Photo of Mindy Habelt's husband courtesy of the J. Joel Edwards Public Library.

Photo of Melissa Thaxton courtesy of the J. Joel Edwards Public Library.
June 2019 Space Cadet of the Week Contest

ZEBULON - Before getting beamed up by Mr. Scott, patrons can come by the J. Joel Edwards Public Library, check out a book, and enter the Space Cadet of the Week contest. As part of the 2019 Summer Reading Program, each time an adult checks out a book, dvd or other item at the library, they get the opportunity to answer a weekly trivia question. Because the trivia question is the same for the entire week, the chances of winning increase as long as they continue checking out items.

Well, what happens when a patron’s name is selected? For starters, they will receive a nifty space cadet tote bag stuffed full of prizes donated from local businesses AND a “Universe of Stories” T-shirt! As if that weren’t enough, they will get their picture in the newspaper!

The winner of week one was Kristin Rickerson who correctly answered the question “Who was the first American to step foot on the Moon?” Kenneth Coursey zapped week two’s question, “What is the name of NASA’s famous space telescope?” For week three, Melissa Thaxton rocketed in with the correct answer for “Which artist painted the famous piece called ‘Starry Night’?” Mindy Habelt showed off her knowledge of science fiction by correctly choosing identifying Chewbacca, loyal friend and first mate of Han Solo on Star Wars as a Wookie (not a yeti or a wooly mammoth).

For more information on library programs, visit the library during regular business hours: MWF 10-5, TTh 10-7, and Sat. 10-3.

Submitted 7.25.19