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Heritage Women’s Resource Center Is More Than Just a Pregnancy Resource Center
By Editor Becky Watts

THOMASTON - Heritage Women’s Resource Center in Thomaston, formerly known as Heritage Pregnancy Center, has always been more than just a place to get diapers and formula. It is a place of support for women with unexpected pregnancies, where a new Mom can prepare and learn how to take care of her baby, where adoptions can be facilitated, and where Moms can pick up diapers, formula, and clothing for children under two years of age.

Other services provided include helping women heal from abuse, providing childbirth classes for the expecting couple, supporting fathers to be the best father possible, teaching parents better parenting techniques for today’s challenging world.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center celebrated 30 years of being a part of the community in Upson and surrounding counties last year. It has grown to provide more services that it did as a crisis pregnancy center over years past. “We are more than just a pregnancy resource center,” said Director Pam Cox.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center serves eight counties including Pike, Lamar, Upson, Spalding, Talbot, Meriwether, Crawford, and Taylor.

What are the new services that are being offered? What is an open adoption, and how has adoption changed over the years? And where is Heritage Women’s Resource Center looking to move in the future?


What does Heritage Women’s Resource Center do? “We want to provide what we can,” said Cox. There are a lot of options.

Clients can meet with Mary Anne, Director of Client Services, and Heritage will look for ways to help meet their needs. Parenting classes are available, pregnancy testing, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, obtaining an ultrasound, help finding a job, and helping clients to learn how to make good decisions for themselves and their babies are just a few of the services that are provided.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center is a place where women facing an unplanned pregnancy or the decision to leave an abusive partner can find support to help them make educated decisions and find resources that are needed to take a bold step forward. There are compassionate advocates who will listen and encourage women to make courageous choices as well as giving them support throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

In July, Cox walked Pike County Times through the facility. Heritage provides free pregnancy tests, sexual health education, pregnancy and parenting classes, material baby care items, prayer and spiritual support, and after-abortion healing and Bible study.

Clothing, diapers, and bottles have been offered to new and expecting Moms for years, and volunteers and staff have been available to pray with women who walk through the door and are in a tough situation and/or experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. But there are some changes that have taken place of late.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center encourages women to parent their babies and provides free parenting classes and support throughout an unexpected or difficult pregnancy. Expecting Moms can learn what to expect during their pregnancy, how to care for a newborn, and learn life skills through video lessons that can help them become the best parent that they can be.

The goal is to teach these moms important life skills and give them the knowledge needed to make changes if that is what they choose to do. There are over 200 video lessons on pregnancy, parenting, and life skills classes. Prayer and spiritual support are available to clients. There is also an after-abortion healing Bible study for women who have already taken that step and need to heal.

There are many types of formula, lots of baby clothing and shoes, and other items that are available in the Boutique. Clothing is rotated by season and available year round.

“Everything is donated at Heritage Women’s Resource Center,” said Cox. “No money goes through this building.” Years ago, there was a perception that this was just a place to get free stuff. Today, clients are given a goal to work toward, and Baby Bucks are a reward for working toward the goal of being the best parent they can be. Baby Bucks are required to obtain clothing and children’s accessories in the Boutique. There are a ton of parenting classes that pass on valuable knowledge for both Moms and Dads to these as they earn Baby Bucks for their little ones.

“We are trying to instill life skills,” Cox said. “We are also trying to instill good morals.”

She said that Heritage Women’s Resource Center also has a lot of resources on places that are hiring so clients can get a job if that is needed as well.

And people donate Bibles to Heritage so if clients give permission to talk about Jesus, advocates talk with them and even give them a Bible if they don’t have one.

Any group, church or organization may set up group classes such as parenting, healing from abuse and fatherhood. To discuss setting up a class contact the center at 706-647-8602.


Heritage Women’s Resource Center is currently partnering with at several adoption agencies for women who want to have their baby but would like to place their baby in the arms of a loving new family. Heritage works with Abiding Love Adoptions, Lifeline Children’s Services, and Covenant Care Adoptions to help women place their babies in a loving home.

If a Mom sees no way to parent but is willing to give a baby life, there is a way to put the baby in a new home after birth. And the agency will pay for everything before and after the birth. This is a way to save a life. Two lives!

Open adoption is an option that has not always been available. In years past, the biological mother signed off on the paperwork and never saw her child again. That has changed.

Now, there can be as little or as much interaction between the biological mother and the baby and the adoptive family as desired.

However, for those who have chosen abortion and are looking for a way to heal, Cox said that there is love and support for these women as well. “We’re here to walk beside them with what they need."

New Building

The goal is to raise enough money to purchase the building next door to the current Heritage Women’s Resource Center location. The building next door is located at 502 West Gordon Street.

The owner of the building is in discussion with the Board members about Heritage Women’s Resource Center buying the new building which is already set up with multiple rooms equipped that can be used for all the current services plus expanding to provide in healthcare with enough room for providing a free ultrasound as well as space that can be used for parenting classes, client meetings with advocates, and more.

“We are really excited and hoping to get into the building by the end of the year,” Cox said.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center currently has an exam table that was donated by a Christian school. Heritage provides a free ultrasound for expecting Moms under the direction of Dr. Vicky Van who is the medical director. Referrals will be given if needed for further medical needs.

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases can be provided through Heritage as well. This testing is not free, but it is done at a reduced fee.

There will be more space at the new building. However, Heritage Women’s Resource Center is not taking operational funds and using those to buy the building. There is a Building fund for those who wish to donate towards this valuable endeavor. When the time comes to move from one building to the other, Heritage is planning to sell its current building to help purchase the new building.

“Funding is tight,” Cox said of the non-profit. However, she pointed out that Heritage strives to be a good steward of the money that it is given and tithes 10% of what it is given to other service organizations. “God will bless this ministry if we help others,” said Cox.

The building fund was started last year. Individuals, businesses, and churches are making contributions to this fund. Contact the Heritage Women’s Resource Center at the phone number below to find out how you can help!

Executive Director Pam Cox

Cox helped many people as a 20 year veteran of Hospital Cardiac Nursing and spent about 25 years working with clinic trials for medical conditions. Then she retired. But she wasn’t ready to completely retire as God had a calling for her to serve others.

She was involved in ministry at her church when the opportunity became available to become the Executive Director at Heritage Women’s Resource Center, she volunteered and is still working to help people today.

Cox was named the Executive Director in September of last year and has hit the ground running. “My heart is helping people and being the hands and feet of Jesus,” she said.

“It doesn’t feel like a job; it’s a ministry,” she said. “I have a passion for it… and I enjoy doing what I do there.” She enjoys working with people to help as many people as possible too.

Volunteers are always needed at Heritage Women’s Resource Center. Do you want to help organize and help with the inventory for the Boutique? There is a place for you. Do you want to help as a client advocate? There is a place for you.

Do you want to donate new car seats, infant and older children diapers, and more? There is a place for you. Call 706-647-8602 and ask what is needed.

Do you want to donate to an organization that is helping Moms be brave and giving support throughout their pregnancy and beyond? Oh, there are a lot of ways that you can find a way to help!

“Wow, God!” is Cox’s slogan, and she says that God has never ceased to amaze her.

Events, Fundraisers, Etc.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center is working with First Baptist Church of Thomaston to provide space for an upcoming 8 week birthing class. This class is free and available for all expectant mothers and their support person. To register, call 706-647-8602.

Big Bird’s Treasures at 315 N. Church Street in Thomaston is doing a Jeep Raffle at $100 per ticket on a 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ Hard Top. When 300 tickets are sold, the winning ticket will be drawn and 15% of the profits will be donated to Heritage Women’s Resource Center. Tickets can be purchased Wednesday through Saturday from 11-6 p.m. at Big Bird’s Treasures.

The next fundraiser will be a golf fundraiser. Keep an eye on their Facebook Page for more information: www.facebook.com/HeritagePCThomaston.

And an easy way to help is to pick up some baby bottles for the office, your church, etc. and ask friends, family, and coworkers to fill the bottles with coins, cash, and checks and then return the bottles to Heritage Women’s Resource Center.

“Supporting Heritage Women’s Resource Center is just one way you can offer help and hope to women facing unplanned, unwanted pregnancies and family support.”


There is a daily devotion and time of prayer at Heritage Women’s Resource Center before the start of each day. “We pray that God will use us to reach whoever walks through the doors,” Cox said.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center is located at 501 West Gordon Street in Thomaston, Georgia. It is just down the road from and on the same street as Upson Regional Medical Center.

Here are those who are currently serving on the Board of this non-profit organization: Julie Smith - Chairman, Shiphrah Boils – Treasurer, Eddie Mason – Secretary, and Board Members Ricky Shepard, Dr. Ben Williams, and Jason Brisendine.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center is always looking for those who would like to serve as part of the Board. If you feel a calling for this, please contact the center at the number below.

Heritage Women’s Resource Center can be reached at 706-647-8602. Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.