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Morton Law Firm Retrieves Civil War Family Heirloom

ZEBULON - Tom and Rob Morton of the Law Firm of Morton, Morton & Associates, LLC was retained to retrieve a Civil War family heirloom for Mr. R.L. Parker, the great great grandson of Squire Parker with whom the Parker Civil War family heirloom originated. After much detailed legal research to establish a legal basis for seeking the return of the heirloom, the holder of the Parker Civil War family heirloom was contacted and graciously released the heirloom to Morton Law Firm for its return to the Mr. Parker.

Because the facts of the family heirloom “were rather unique and historic in nature and had arisen out of an incident in the Civil War,” Morton Law firm obtained permission to share the Civil War story with Pike County Times.

The facts as related to the Morton Law Firm client by their client, Mr. R.L. Parker are as follows:

“Great Grandfather Squire Parker at the time of the Civil War was living in Habersham County, Georgia. He was known locally as having owned some horses including two white horses and one black stallion. He had hidden the horses.

Some Union soldiers and some carpet baggers came to Squire Parker’s property and demanded the horses. He refused to give them his horses.

Squire Parker was then shot in the hand by the Union soldier but he still refused to surrender his horses. He was then shot in his heart and died from his wounds.

The Parker family retrieved the two musket balls and part of Squire Parker’s shirt where he was shot in the heart and together with Squire Parker’s wooden toothbrush the items have been passed down the Parker family bloodline from generation to generation. Squire Parker’s shirt still contains a noticeable spot of blood.

One of Squire Parker’s great great grandsons encased the family heirlooms in a glass shadowbox for permanent display.”

Mr. Tom Morton advised that at some point in time, the Parker Civil War family heirloom “had inadvertently become separated from the Parker family bloodline” so great great grandson R.L. Parker retained the Morton Law Firm to retrieve it.

Mr. R.L. Parker believes that his great great grandfather Squire Parker is buried in a Parker Family Cemetery on the Parker home place between Lula and Alto, Georgia off of State Highway 23.

Attorney Rob Morton stated that this particular legal matter was one of the most interesting matters that the firm has ever handled and said that he is pleased that the firm was retained to seek the return of the Parker Family heirloom.

Submitted 8.23.17