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Pike County Times: Election Results 2015

ZEBULON - A Special Election was held on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 here in Pike County. There was one item for county residents to vote on; whereas voters in the cities of Williamson, Molena, Concord, and Zebulon made their voices heard on who should represent them. These are the unofficial results.


In the City of Molena, here are those who qualified for open seats. Jay Garner qualified for Mayor with no opposition. Richard Beckham qualified for Post 1 and Damon Riggins, Jr. qualified for Post 2. Neither had opposition. All are incumbents who are currently holding office.

140 people from the City of Molena voted on the School Bond Referendum. 67 voted yes. 73 voted no.

The City of Molena also voted on whether to keep their Police Department. 53 voted in favor and 24 against so the City of Molena will be keeping their Police Department.


In the City of Zebulon, here are those who qualified for open seats. There are three people running for Mayor: Larry Lynch, James Nobles, and Bobby Blalock. Current Mayor Mike Beres is not running for re-election. In District 1 Post 3: Incumbent David Woods is being challenged by Jo Ann Tucker. In District 2 Post 3: Incumbent Dewey Yarbrough is being challenged by Wade Evans.

Bobby Blalock received 63 votes, Larry Lynch received 50 votes, and James Nobles received 14 votes. The new Mayor of Zebulon is Bobby Blalock.

David Woods received 38 votes in the District 1 Post 3 race. He retains his seat because Jo Ann Tucker was disqualified from the race.

In the District 2 Post 3 race, Dewey Yarbrough received 39 votes and Wade Evans received 31 votes. Dewey Yarbrough retains his seat.

On the Bond Referendum from the City of Zebulon, there were 93 yes votes and 56 no votes.


In the City of Concord, Council Seat Post 3 has Incumbent Doug Neath running unopposed. In Council Seat Post 4, Incumbent Subrenna Weathers is also unopposed. In Council Seat Post 5, Incumbent Kimberly Griffin is being opposed by Ric Calhoun.

The results of the Post 5 seat race are: 34 votes for Ric Calhoun and 12 votes for Kimberly Griffin. Ric Calhoun is the winner in this race.

78 people voted in favor of the bond referendum and 36 people voted against it.


The City of Williamson voted on a Mayoral candidate. Incumbent Steve Fry is being challenged by Lynn Hubbard, who gave up her Post 2 Seat to run for Mayor. This leaves two seats open on the Williamson City Council since Benson Hilley, Sr. retired from Post 5 for health reasons, and no one qualified for the Post 5 Seat. Pike County Times was advised that there is a possibility of a January Special Election to fill these two open seats.

Steve Fry received 63 votes. Lynn Hubbard received 23 votes. Steve Fry remains the Mayor of Williamson.

72 voted yes on the Bond Referendum and 27 voted no.

Other Precincts

The City of Meansville does not have any seats on the ballot in this Special Election. There were 49 yes votes and 30 no votes on the bond referendum.

Lifsey Springs voted on the Bond Referendum. 34 yes. 49 no.

The votes on the Bond Referendum from the 2nd District precinct are 77 yes, 38 no. `

Absentee by mail is 29 yes votes for the Bond Referendum and 55 no votes.

Hollonville voted 70 votes in favor of the Bond Referendum and 38 against.

Absentee in person votes are 171 yes and 96 no on the Bond Referendum.

County-wide Total

There were 743 yes votes cast county wide in support of the Bond Referendum and 498 no votes. The School Bond Referendum passed. There are 3 provisional ballots that have been cast. These votes will be verified over the next couple of days but will not affect the outcome of the race.

There was only one item on the county-wide election part of the ballot. The Board of Education will have a Capital Improvements Bond Referendum for 10 new school buses, a 9th Grade Academy, stadium improvements including restrooms, concessions, ticketing and expanded seating--including making the facility ADA compliant, a track and field facility, repair tennis courts, and a Middle School Softball Field. Click here to read the Bond Referendum article.

There are 9,225 registered voters in Pike County. 1,243 voiced their opinion this election. That is a 13.47% voter turnout in Pike County. If you appreciate reading the election results for free, please make a donation to Pike County Times by check to: Pike County Times, PO Box 843, Zebulon, GA 30295 or through PayPal at the link in the box below. Thanks for supporting Pike County Times!