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Accident on Zebulon Square Impacts Dr. Dunnahoo's Work on Historic Building

ZEBULON - On Saturday, June 29, 2019, at 2:39 p.m. Mr. Gilberto Santana Lara, 19 years of age from Zebulon, was making a left hand turn from Thomaston Street (Highway 19 South) onto Barnesville Street (Highway 18) in downtown Zebulon with the green light. At the same time, Mr. Dan Dunnahoo of Zebulon was stepping into the crosswalk area to cross Barnesville Street.

Mr. Lara failed to see Mr. Dunahoo as he turned and struck Mr. Dunahoo with the right hand mirror of the 2006 Chevolet Cobalt. Mr. Dunnahoo was knocked down and struck his head on the curb.

Mr. Dunnahoo was transported to the trauma center in Macon by Grady EMS. Mr. Lara was charged with Failure to Yield for a Pedestrian and No Insurance.

Mr. Dunnahoo, affectionately known as Dr. Dunnahoo or Dr. D, has been in the process of restoring the bottom corner of the building beneath the Masonic Lodge on the Square. When asked how this accident would impact the work on the coffee shop, Dr. Dunnahoo told Pike County Times: "I do hope to continue soon, but this may push back the opening, obviously. The restoration has been challenging but also very rewarding. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. When I found out that the building was built in 1828 and when I saw the condition it was in, I had to take it on."

"I’m trying to keep or restore as much of the original building as possible. The original floor boards, plaster walls, and wooden ceiling are all intact, but had been covered over by remodeling over the years. The parts that I am rebuilding are done in traditional 19th century materials and techniques, including old fashioned cut nails, hand planed boards, and slightly wavy window glass."

"When the shop is open it will be a full service coffee shop with specialty coffees and drinks. We’ll also serve some pastries, muffins and things like that. I hope to have art hanging on the walls and a space for live musical performances. The basement level will eventually be available for classes or events."

Pictures of the remodel process are on Dr. Dunnahoo's Facebook along with several short videos of the progress.

Mr. Dunnahoo is at home now. If you would like to help provide a meal to Mr. Dunnahoo, there is a link to the Meal Train on his Facebook page.