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State Representative District 135 Candidates - Beth Camp and Dan Brue

ZEBULON - There are two candidates in the State Representative District 135 race. The candidate who receives the most votes in the May 24 Republican Primary will be the winner of this race. Incumbent Beth Camp from Concord is being challenged by Dan Brue from Thomaston.

Each candidate was asked to make a statement for who they are and why they are running in 500 words or less.

Beth Camp, Incumbent

My greatest desire is to give back to my community. The community where I have lived for almost three decades of my life. The community where we raised our child. The community where I have served with so many people for so many worthy causes. The community where I humbly served on the school board. The community where I have rejoiced and cried with so many of you through life. I am the product of many people pouring their hopes, love, trust, wisdom, and time into me and my family. There is no greater act of love than serving to make life better for others. That is my hope and dream - to pay forward the many acts of kindness given to me through service to others. "Because I have been given much, I too must give..."

I am NEVER one to give up, no matter how hard or long the challenge because I have faith that God will make a path. No one is truly self-made. The resources of this earth were given to each of us by our Heavenly Father. Individuals have given all of us opportunities even when sometimes we had no idea of their kindness. Even those who work against us make us stronger and experiences have strengthened every one of us. I am so thankful for all the blessings I have been given including adversity because it has made me who I am. You must know the "why" or the “how and what” really don't matter.

I was a 911 operator at 17 and an emergency medical technician at 19 because I wanted to help others more than anything. This entry into the workforce made me love first responders and that is why I will never defund the police or public safety. In 2006, I became a Realtor helping people find their homes and havens - a place to build their stories. In the past 16 years, I have been privileged to help people right here in our District make the dream of home ownership a reality. My love of learning is lifelong. In 2020, I completed my master's degree in communication studies and organizational leadership after many late nights because of the real world application this education has provided. I am proud of my public school and collegiate experiences. Building relationships and credibility is how to get at least 90 other people to vote YES (or NO) on legislation that matters to us in Lamar, Pike & Upson. I have a strong, conservative voting record from 2021-2022 in the State House and from my time on the Pike County Board of Education. Representing is an honor and a significant responsibility I never take lightly. For the second time, I am asking for your VOTE as state representative.

www.campforgeorgia.com is my website where many issues and legislative updates are available as well as a bio. My cell phone number has been public since I got it and I encourage anyone with a question to contact me 770-530-6798.

Dan Brue, Challenger

I am Dan Brue, a Retired Colonel and Thomaston resident, and I am running to be the next State House Representative for District 135 which includes Lamar, Pike, and Upson counties.

I have spent my entire adult life upholding an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and I am ready to serve again. I am mounting a primary challenge because; although, we have folks in Atlanta who call themselves Republicans, what we really have is a political class that has neglected Georgia’s interests and values in exchange for self-promotion, political talking points, and special interests. Worse, as we saw with the 2020 election and the pandemic, when faced with challenges, many laid low, and said nothing as our freedoms were trampled on---just hoping they can ride out the political uncertainty.

Being a veteran, a small business owner, and a farmer and oh, by the way, I have a full-time job---that is who I am. What I am not----is a politician. And that fact alone probably makes me more qualified to represent the people of our district than anything else.

Being adopted, I am pro-life. I am pro-2nd Amendment. I believe we should eliminate our state income tax. I am for limited government and believe we must be vigilant against government overreach, such as mandates. As a former Signal officer, I know the technology to deploy rural broadband. I want to bring economic development while still maintaining the small-town character of our communities.

I believe money is the root of all evil. Our General Assembly passes legislation out of ethic committees as ruses to justify clearly unethical actions such as allowing unlimited campaign contributions to leadership funds. These votes have nothing to do with serving Georgians. They are about maintaining power and nothing more. I promise the following to voters in our district:
- I will work for the people of Lamar, Pike, and Upson Counties. I will answer to them.
- I will be a public servant. I will donate my net salary to civic organizations and non-profits in Lamar, Pike, and Upson Counties. That is the least I can do to ensure I am benefitting our district.
- I will not take any money from a sitting politician---I will owe my allegiance to no one but the people of Lamar, Pike, and Upson Counties. I will introduce legislation to stop this circumventing of campaign finance laws and prevent party leaders from having undue influence on new legislators.
- I will accept a contribution from a Political Action Committee only if its stated goals align with my published positions on my website (www.brue2022.com), and I will fully disclose the contribution on my website to be completely transparent.

It’s time for Georgians to be represented by someone like them, who cares about them and the things important to them and, will show up, speak up, and stand up to address issues Georgians are dealing with head on. I humbly ask for your vote on May 24th.


For more information on the upcoming election including a look at both the Republican and Democratic ballots and the SPLOST referendum, go to pikecountytimes.com/secondary/electioninfo2022.html.