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Volunteer Requests for Help Finding a Warehouse for a Local Food Pantry Ministry

ZEBULON - Collier's Community Services Inc. is a 501(c)3 faith-based non-profit food bank with "a mission for feeding the hungry and a heart to serve." They bring in truck loads of meat and produce that can be picked up for a $10 donation per load of food. So many households in Pike and the surrounding counties has been blessed by this ministry. Collier's also partners with local food banks, soup kitchens, etc. to help provide fresh produce and meats.

Collier's is able to bless so many with the help of volunteers who pass out the orders as people come through and the help of volunteers like Trisha Dabbs who carry extra items to various places around the community.

Trisha Dabbs has been working with Collier's to help put out the word for this ministry in the community. "This ministry has rapidly grown beyond anyone's wildest dreams. I need your help to keep Collier's in Pike County," she said.

"There is an urgent need for a larger building of a warehouse style. A facility of this sort would enable Collier's to bring in even more fresh food donations, helping more families, and providing current clients with a wider variety of foods."

She sent out a plea on Facebook and by email to help her find a facility for Collier's to lease in the Pike County area. "We don't want to lose this food pantry due to lack of a suitable location."

Trisha can be contacted by email at patriciadabbs@gmail.com.

Collier's is also collecting donations to buy a refrigerated truck. You can donate through their website by clicking here and clicking on the donate button.

If you would like to sign up to receive text alerts on new shipments for food pickups, simply use your cell phone to text the word “JOININ” to telephone number “55222.” You will receive a text message that a new shipment has arrived and it will direct you to go to Collier's Facebook page and click on the blue "Book Now" button at the top right of the page.

Collier's is located at 145 Industrial Drive in Zebulon, Georgia. You can find out more about this ministry by clicking here.