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City of Zebulon to Recognize Good Citizenship

ZEBULON - The City of Zebulon passed a resolution on September 13, 2016 that recognizes good citizenship activities as a way to counter some of the negative behaviors that we are seeing in our society today. County Attorney Tom Morton said that the program has long-range implications and could be used to partner with the county, state, and maybe even spread nation-wide.

The “Good Citizenship Recognition and Award Program” is designed to recognize and support acts of good citizenship performed by citizens in the City of Zebulon. County Attorneys Tom and Rob Morton drafted the resolution for the City of Zebulon. “It’s an ambitious program, but it is doable and the Mayor and Council are very enthused about it,” Tom said.

The Committee will meet once a quarter in a meeting that will be open to the public. Examples of Good Citizenship Recognitions include students making the Dean’s List, citizens performing some outstanding community service, citizens helping clean up local roadways, and business owners providing summer jobs for youth.

The intent of this program is to “promote good citizenship, help counter the negative actions and negative influences prevailing in today’s society, encourage compliance with the rule of law, point up the need to support the U.S. Constitution and democratic principles, foster respect and support for others and for law enforcement agencies, and encourage good behavior both at home, at school and in society.”

Long range goals include working with the county and other municipalities as well as the school district as participating partners in this endeavor, establishing a Good Citizenship Recognition Center in the City of Zebulon that could be a tourist attraction, enlisting participation and support of churches, civic organizations, clubs, businesses and government agencies toward this cause, and obtaining the active support of the Governor, of State Legislature and of state elected officials at both a state and federal level.

The Good Citizenship Recognition Center would be located in the City of Zebulon and would contain a picture, name and statement about each person receives this award. It would also have a copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, the American Flag and pertinent historical information.