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Photo courtesy of the Spalding County Sheriff's Office.
Arrest of Fugitive Who Attacked an Atlanta Police Officer

GRIFFIN - On May 19th, 2022, Carlos Elder (32 years old) of Griffin, surrendered himself without incident to members of the US Marshal Service Southeast Fugitive Task Force, Spalding County Special Operations, Spalding County STING Unit and the Atlanta Police Department after he was located and arrest warrants were served on him for drug, weapons, and driving charges at a residence located on Vineyard Ridge Drive where he had been hiding.

Sheriff Dix Stated “Earlier this year, Elder violently assaulted a City of Atlanta Police Officer while the officer was attempting to arrest him. During that encounter, Elder was able to get on top of the officer after a fight, was in possession of a firearm, and threatened to kill the officer before eventually fleeing the scene.

“A short time later Troopers from the Georgia State Patrol engaged in a vehicle pursuit with Elder and attempted to capture him. In that incident, he was able to ditch his vehicle and flee on foot, again evading capture. Later Elder was pursued in a vehicle in Spalding County but again evaded capture.”

“Early last week we were able to gather credible information about Elder and several locations in Spalding County where he had been regularly seen. My Investigators were able to corroborate the information through a joint effort with the U.S. Marshal Service Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, and together with them, we began surveilling these locations until we determined where he was.”

“When confronted and arrested at the residence by officers from the US Marshal Service Southeast Fugitive Task Force, Spalding County Special Operations Unit, Spalding County STING Unit, and the Atlanta Police Department, he chose to make better decision this time and surrendered peacefully. Elder was taken into custody without incident or any use of force and was transported back to Fulton County where he faces a litany of charges stemming from all of the incidents that led to his arrest. In the end, after all of the threats to kill people, all the running, fleeing, fighting, and putting the public in danger, he crawled out of the door and surrendered.”

“Elder is a known gang member and drug dealer and was previously imprisoned for other crimes. His willingness to assault a police officer and threaten to kill him, and the subsequent danger he placed the public in during the pursuits, shows that he has zero regard for people, the law, or anyone other than himself. He has been there, done that, and he is the type of criminal that prisons are made for.”

“This incident proves once again that real teamwork, cooperation, and trust between the community, law enforcement agencies on the local, state, or federal level, always achieves better results and makes communities safer.”

Submitted 5.24.22