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FLASHBACK: Pike County High School Holds Active Shooter Drill
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - The Pike County High School held an Active Shooter Drill on Friday, June 2. There was a myriad of support as well as cast in this very large practice for an event that I hope Pike County never sees.

The staff was prepped and ready for the event. Students wore large badges that told what their role was to be in the drill. For example, whether they were the victims of gunshot wounds and whether they lived or died. Some of the makeup was pretty realistic.

Local media was allowed to harass the authorities and try to get information about the event as it was ongoing. I stayed at the school to make phone calls and try to get information while Rachel from the Pike Journal Reporter went to an offsite location to talk to Mrs. Tanner and try to obtain information. We treated this like this was a real life event.

Staff from the school was there to keep a list of everyone who came out of the school to get onto the buses and go to a secret location where teens would be reunited with parents. Ambulance and fire personnel were on-scene as well to work with the students and evaluate emergency procedures.

Our local American Red Cross was there to make sure that everyone was taken care of as far as food, coffee and water went. From this reporter's eyes, things seemed to flow fairly well.

I also know without a shadow of a doubt that Pike County High School students are loved because I tried to interfere with school administrators as they were doing their job. I wanted more information as I was pretending to be like outside media, and I got arrested. Well, as arrested as a reporter hobbling around with a boot on one foot could be anyway! I was moved to another location super quick by deputies who were very good at their job and responsive to the needs of personnel at the school as they took care of injured students. (Her name is Carla Webb! LOL)

When I spoke with Superintendent Michael Duncan after the event, he told me, "We had a successful emergency response drill today. With feedback from our partners, Pike EMA, The Pike County Sheriff's Department and Pike County Fire Department, we identified areas of improvement. The safety of Pike County's children is job one each day. We must be committed to continuous improvement. Today, we got better."


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