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Industrial Development Authority Meeting
April 3, 2024

ZEBULON - The Development Authority met on April 3, 2024 at 8 a.m. and present were members Joe Walter, Briar Johnson, John Edwards, Dee McLeRoy, David Nix, Bryan Oglesby, Kel Brannan, Kyle Fletcher, Sonny Gwyn. Guests: Tim Ingram, Becky Watts.

Approval of the agenda. Approved.

Approval of the minutes. Approved.

Financials. Table for next month.

Old Business.

A. Closed March 18. Lot 9. $118,000.

B. Working with Mark Holloway. Looking for a conceptual on the sign to maximize without being crowded on the sign. Sonny Gwyn. One on the businesses would be on the right and one on the median for those on the left. The placards would be on one pole with two arms. Located back from where you would turn. Trying not to block any businesses so there isn’t really any other place to put them. About $7,500 per sign. Can easily replace.

c. Working on Lot 10 in the Zebulon Business Park. Hope to close later this month.

d. Master Plan Committee Update. Met a lot and spent a day listening to presentations. We recommended that the county go with Falcon.

New Business

a. Water line to their lot has been going on for a year. Fletcher. Trying to get some information before I came. It appears that the Development Authority was working on a one inch line, but McNair wants a 6 inch line. The City of Zebulon can’t do a 6 inch line. Need to decide if any assistance is going to be given for putting in the line. At some point in the past, there was discussion of helping to bring in a one inch line. Nothing has been done to help other businesses. It’s extremely expensive for a 6 inch for water and sewer. $130,000 versus $11,000. Big difference between the two.

More discussion. Is there a public benefit for getting the 6 inch on the other side of the road? There is a 12 inch main there for others to pull from. The city and the county got One Georgia Grant to put this in years ago. Possibly ran out of money years ago so one inch taps, etc. were not put in. Even Ready Mix only has a 2 inch line. There will still be a meter cost for them to do the work. Question on whether others on the other side of the road are also going to do need a 6 inch. What happened with Southside Steel? If we know what we’ve done in the past, we can go by precedent.

Motion to research it and do for McNair what we’ve done for everyone else unless he can produce a written document to do otherwise. Approved with Joe Walter disagreed because we don’t have enough information and said that McNair should have come to the meeting like everyone else.

b. Thomaston Milk Company Site Plan. First lot on the right as you go in the park. They are going to build the distribution part of their business with a building. 2 sides facing the street that will be brick. Fletcher wants to be sure that new tenants provide plans so they follow our covenants. There will be a second building as well. Motion to approve a conceptual and need to provide a final set up plans for final approval. Approved.

c. Additional comments.

Briar Johnson. Sydney Lee update? None.

Several months ago, he got a call about a Regional Airport Authority in Spalding County. The Capitol directed them to have a regional board. No money from the county or the IDA with Pike, Lamar, Butts, Monroe, and Spalding as voting members. Meet as needed. Can Kyle Fletcher be the designee from this board to serve on this regional board? Maybe have a backup from the Board of Commissioners.

Motion to adjourn. 8:33 a.m.

Industrial Development Authority Meeting
April 3, 2024

ZEBULON - The Development Authority met on March 13, 2024 at 8 a.m. and present were members Kel Brannon, John Barker, Dee McLeRoy, Joe Walter, David Nix, Briar Johnson, Shane Williamson, Sonny Gwyn, Stewart Esary, and Kyle Fletcher.

Here are highlights from the minutes since Pike County Times did not attend that meeting due to a 9 a.m. Board of Commissioners meeting and an 11 a.m. Tax Assessor Board meeting on the same day.

Jack Martin from Martin and Company was the invited guest.

Old Business Items of importance are as follows: the tree harvesting initiative has been put on hold since land is selling so quickly and some perspective tenants don't want the trees removed; Fletcher and Gwyn are working on the signage for the park including coming up with a conceptual; Lot 13 in the Pike Business Park (in Zebulon) is owned by Southern Ready Mix so finding a lot for Metal Fabricators; and the preliminary site plan was presented for Thomaston Milk Company with more specifics coming soon.

New Business item was a motion being made to sell Lot 10 in the Pike Business Park for $195,900 based on a $15,000 per acre for 10 acres and $7,500 for the remaining 6 acres. Martin and Company will be responsible for getting infrastructure to the site.

Additional comment was that Treadway Controls may have found another site so Fletcher will follow up to see if they still plan to build in Pike Business Park.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:53 a.m.

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