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BREAKING NEWS: Shooting Occurs in Concord Overnight

ZEBULON - (There is an update at the bottom of the article.) - Pike County Sheriff’s Office Investigators have been working through the night to piece together a shooting that occurred at 349 Bates Road in Concord around 7:47 p.m. last night. [Note from the Editor: There is an update from 5.29.19 at the end of this article.]

Pike County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the call advising that two people had been shot in Concord. One person was been life-flighted to Atlanta and the other was been transported to Macon for medical treatment. At the time, the Sheriff’s Office advised that it “…has no reason to believe that any citizens in the area are in danger and it is believed that both people that are injured are the only ones involved in this incident.”

The Sheriff’s Office released a press release today that gave an update to the investigation. They advised that the homeowner, Roger Prater, and his adult son, Nathan Prater, saw an individual unknown to them on their property. They walked over to speak with the person to inquire what he was doing on the property. The person, later identified as Darrell Brown of Pike County, 45 years of age, stated that he was looking for a way off of Mr. Prater’s land. No explanation was given by Brown as to why he was at the location. When Brown was shown a gate that he could leave through he pulled out a handgun and shot at Nathan Prater multiple times striking him once.

Nathan Prater did have a rifle with him and was able to return fire on Brown. He was hit and collapsed a short distance away after trying to run away from the area. It appears that one shot was fired by Mr. Prater.

Both people were transported for medical treatment. Brown later died of his injuries at the hospital. Nathan Prater’s injuries were non-life threatening. An autopsy will be performed by the GBI medical examiner on Brown.

Through the investigation it was determined that Brown had been visiting a residence in the area prior to this incident. Brown had shown another person the handgun he had with him. The witness told investigators that he knew Brown was a convicted felon and shouldn’t have it. It was at his time for an unknown reason that Brown walked away from the witness’ house and ended up on the Prater property. It does not appear as either party knew each other.

A vehicle driven by Brown was recovered by investigators from the witness’ home. An additional firearm was taken into evidence from this vehicle. It was also discovered that the U.S. Marshal’s Office had an active arrest warrant for Brown in regards to a probation violation.

Once completed the investigative case file will forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review. At this time, it is believed that Mr. Prater acted in self-defense to protect himself and other family members.

UPDATE 5.29.19:

Pike County Times has obtained booking information for Darrell Kimsey (Kimbo) Brown, Jr. that shows an arrest in Lamar County on August 26, 2003 for Methamphetamine-possession/sell/purchase/manufacture (felony), Firearm possession by convicted felon (felony), Firearm/knife possession/crime/attempt crime (felony), and Aggravated assault (felony). According to records obtained through open records, he was released on December 22, 2003. He was arrested on January 26, 2006 for Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer (felony) and released on March 14, 2006. The State Board of Pardons and Paroles shows a state parole start date of June 19, 2009 for Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer with a parole end date of August 25, 2019.

Pike County Times obtained information today that the active arrest warrant by the U.S. Marshal’s Office was regarding a federal charge of Possession of Methamphatamine with Intent to Distribute. The arrest warrant was based on violation of terms of parole on this federal charge.

End of Update

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Submitted 5.27.19