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BREAKING NEWS: State Runoff Will Be Tuesday, December 6

ZEBULON - There is a state-wide runoff on Tuesday, December 6 between Republican Herschel Walker and Incumbent Democrat Ralph Warnock. Here is the information that you need to know about the upcoming election.

You can start requesting applications for voting absentee by mail. Please note: If you voted absentee by mail in the November election AND you checked the box on the back to send an absentee ballot by mail in case of a runoff, you do NOT have to request to a ballot because it will be sent as soon as the ballots are received and sent out by the Registrar’s Office. If you are not sure whether you checked off the box, please call (770) 567-2003 and ask the staff to verify this information for you.

The absentee ballot box is located inside of the Board of Elections office located at 81 Jackson Street in Zebulon. Board of Elections Supervisor David Neyheart advised by phone today that absentee ballots should go out sometime next week.

Early Voting Location and Election Day Info

Early voting (absentee in person voting) will begin on Monday, November 28 and continue through that Friday, December 2 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Early voting will take place at the Board of Elections Office located at 81 Jackson Street in Zebulon.


Election Day will be on Tuesday, December 6th from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Precinct Location Change

Due to the renovation, etc. of the school auditorium on Hwy 19 (across from Christ Chapel), the voting precinct has been moved to the Pre-K building (7454 US-19 Zebulon) between the auditorium and Ruth’s Restaurant. Look for the sign to direct voters on where to go.

There are 8 Voting Precincts in Pike County: Concord, Hollonville, Meansville, Molena, Second District, Lifsey Springs, Williamson, and Zebulon. Here is list of the voting districts and locations:

• Early Absentee Voting 81 Jackson Street, Zebulon 30295
• Zebulon 7454 US Hwy 19, Zebulon 30295 (Pre-K building between the auditorium and Ruth’s Restaurant. Enter the building, take a right and follow the signs to my old Economic class down the hall.)
• Williamson 65 Patton Street, Williamson 30292
• Concord 23 Society Street, Concord 30206
• Molena 10 Spring Street, Molena 30258
• Meansville 41 Means Street, Meansville 30256
• Hollonville 4056 Concord Road, Williamson 30292
• Lifsey Springs 8033 Ga Hwy 109, Molena 30258
• Second District 1585 Gresham Road, Zebulon 30295

The answers to many questions can be found here as well as contact information for the Pike County Board of Elections Office: www.pikecoga.com/registrar.html


There is only 4 weeks allotted for this run off with one mandatory week of voting based on changes that were made to address concerns after the 2020 election. There is no time to register new voters to participate in this runoff. If you are a registered voter already though, you are allowed to vote in this runoff regardless of whether you voted in the November election.

Between the past election day (Tuesday, November 8) and the next election day of Tuesday, December 6, the Board of Elections must conduct an audit of the November race results and do mandatory testing of the equipment in preparation for the December 6 election.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office announced that all counties will take part in an audit of the state’s election results in the Secretary of State race. This will take place on Thursday, November 17.

Mandatory testing of the election equipment will take place during the week of Thanksgiving.

Please get educated and cast your vote in the December 6 election either by absentee by mail—or by dropping the absentee ballot into the absentee ballot box located at 81 Jackson Street in Zebulon, absentee in person between Monday, November 28 and Friday, December 2 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Registrar’s Office located at 81 Jackson Street in Zebulon, or voting on election day, Tuesday, December 6, 2022 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at your local precinct listed above.

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