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County Manager John Hanson is pictured with County Clerk Jo Ann Wrye.
BREAKING NEWS: Pike County Manager Resigns; Search Is Beginning for New County Manager;
County Manager Joining Grady EMS
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - An Executive Session was held at the beginning of the Pike County Commission Meeting today. It began like an ordinary meeting, but the announcement at the end of the meeting today was a shock for those sitting the audience. Chairman Johnson announced that County Manager Hanson has accepted another position and will be leaving as Pike County Manager in four weeks. [Note from the Editor: This article has been updated at the bottom of the page.]

John Hanson has served Pike County as county manager since September 30, 2013. He spoke to commissioners and to the audience during the meeting. “I love Pike County and this is a tough decision for me,” he said. He thanked the current commission for working with him as well as past commissioners Carol Bass and Tammy Jarrett. He thanked them all and said that he appreciated them.

He also thanked the County Attorneys and the staff and department heads in Pike County. “We have a lot of opportunities and worked hard together and someone will fill this job to take it to the next level.” He said that we have a lot of good people in Pike County and that he is confident that those here working in the county can work together can do this.

“My goal was to leave this better than I found it and leave this job as a job that someone else would like to step into,” he said. “I think great things are coming for the county.” He continued and said that it’s hard to leave as county manager because he loves it, but he has an opportunity and needs to take care of his family.

The commissioners each expressed their appreciation this morning. Chairman Johnson said that John had righted this ship and was appreciated. Tommy Powers said thank you for a job well done. And Tim Guy said thanks and that the county wished him well. “You have steered this ship in the right direction,” he said. “You’re leaving us in a good situation.” James Jenkins said thank you. Tim Daniel is out of town today and not present at the meeting.

John said that he is not leaving the community but will working in another capacity outside of the county. He did specify that he was not leaving to be a county manager in another county. However, he is not announcing where he is going so the company/organization can make that announcement.

The county will begin the search for a replacement immediately. An ad should be running by next week that lays out the qualifications that are needed for this position.

Note from the Editor: Pike County Times wishes John Hanson the best as he begins his new employment. I am hopeful that the county can find someone who works with the Commission, county employees, and the media as well as John has. As a citizen activist as well as part of the media, I think that the county is in a much better position than it was when John stepped in as county manager, and I appreciate that very much!]

UPDATE 7.16.18: Grady EMS put out a press release that states as follows:

"I am pleased to announce that John Hanson has accepted the position of Vice President, Administrative Services for Grady EMS. In his new role, John will assume leadership responsibilities for 911 Communications, Fleet Services, Reliant, Business Services and IT Systems.

John has an extensive background in finance and county government management over the past 18 years. He currently serves as County Manager for Pike County, Georgia.

John will be joining the Grady team on Monday, August 20, 2018. Please join me in congratulating and supporting John in his new position."

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