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BREAKING NEWS: County Manager Bobby Bickley Resigns
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - After an hour long executive session that was added at the beginning of the commission meeting by request of the County Attorney in reference to something that was brought to his attention today, County Attorney Rob Morton asked that the Board of Commissioners entertain a motion to accept County Manager Bickley's resignation. It was accepted 4-0.

No reasons for the resignation were given in the open meeting.

A motion was made to appoint County Attorney Rob Morton as the Interim County Manager, and it was approved 4-0.

Bobby Bickley began working for Pike County as County Manager on December 10, 2018.

Pike County Times spoke with County Attorney Morton after the meeting and was advised that an advertisement for the position could be available for the commissioners to review as soon as the morning commission meeting in July. He also advised that this resignation is effective immediately.

UPDATE 6.26.19: [Note from the Editor: This is the letter that was delivered to the County Commission last night at the meeting and is officially part of the record for that meeting. The letter was typed but not dated. Thank you to County Clerk Angela Blount for answering my open records request so quickly.]

Dear Chairman Johnson,

It comes with much thought and prayer that I write this letter to serve as my official resignation from my position as County Manager of Pike County. I am and will always be grateful for being provided the opportunity to serve such a great and growing community. Although I have enjoyed the learning experience, I have been given the chance to go back into banking. I have realized, in my time away, that banking is my passion and I can't afford to pass up this opportunity for myself and my family. Please know that I am prepared to work a two week notice to make the transition as smooth as possible for the commissioners and staff. However, I will understand if working a two week notice is not necessary. I will always value and cherish the friendships I have formed here in Pike County and look forward to maintaining those friendships for life.

Bobby Bickley

[Note from the Editor added on 6.27.19: Let me connect the dots here for those who have heard something other than what I have written on here. Let me connect the dots as clearly as I can because I can only tell you what I have on paper, what I saw in the meeting, and what I have been told on the record about this resignation.

First of all, current Interim County Manager Rob Morton asked commissioners to add the Executive Session for administration personnel to the agenda at the meeting on Tuesday night based on something that was brought to his attention that day. Second, now resigned County Manager Bobby Bickley left at the close of the meeting after giving his resignation during the Executive Session. It was typed out as you read above and signed, but it was not dated. I don't know when it was typed up and am not going to speculate. All I can tell readers is what has been told to me on the record and what I have on paper.

My thoughts are pretty pointed on this entire situation. First of all, care needs to be taken by ALL involved not to make this a mud fest with rumors and innuendo--and that goes for employees and family and friends of employees who might have overheard some things and put two and two together. Bobby has to live in Thomaston and Pike County has to search for a new County Manager so it would be great if people would chill out on this because it isn't pretty for anyone at this moment. Maybe we can treat it like a relationship that didn't work out, and let's just go our separate ways--especially if we can't be nice to each other. That's my two cents from 20 years of county politics. Feel free to take it or leave it.]

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