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BREAKING NEWS: Georgia Military College To Open an Extension Center in Zebulon
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON -Lt. General (Army, Ret.) William B. Caldwell, IV, President of Georgia Military College (GMC), and Brigadier General (Army, Ret.) Scott F. “Rock” Donahue visited the Opportunity Center in Zebulon today to greet supporters and walk through the classrooms that will soon become an Extension Center of the Fayetteville Campus.

Rep. Johnnie Caldwell advised Pike County Times on Monday night that Georgia Military College is considering the placement of a satellite campus in Zebulon. The Zebulon City Council considered the matter and voted yes. "This will be a tremendous asset to Pike County and Zebulon," he said by phone. Lt. General Caldwell spoke on behalf of GMC said that “We are real excited to be here.” He thanked Rep. Caldwell, Bill Taylor of WKEU in Griffin, and those from the City of Zebulon, the Pike County Commission, and Candler Field for their support of this project.

He said that the state has a tremendous regional college system and a tremendous tech system and he feels that GMC compliments between the two systems. He said that GMC accepts anyone with a High School Diploma or GED and it was noted on the GMC website that GMC is a part of the Move On When Ready Dual Enrollment Program.

The college offers 24 year two-year Associate Degree programs along with two four-year online Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees (BAS) that were developed to help Tech School graduates continue their goals in education. According to GMC’s website, it is partnering with high schools, technical schools, and four year colleges “to help close gaps with traditionally disadvantaged students.”

GMC is a fully accredited institution. President Caldwell told the audience that GMC just received its 10 year reaccreditation after a two year process and that there were 0 findings or corrections to be made for GMC.

President Caldwell told those in attendance that there are 40 four year schools that guarantee admission with a two year Associate Degree from GMC. New campuses have been opened in Fayetteville, Dublin, Eastman and now right here in Zebulon. And he stressed that GMC keeps classes small so faculty can have a relationship with students and help them reach their goals. “Our motto is start here and literally go everywhere,” he said.

Meetings began in the Pike County area about two months ago that enabled GMC to become a part of the Pike County and Zebulon community. Discussion has been ongoing about starting a satellite school in this area for almost two years. Mayor Bobby Blalock said, “We are proud to have y’all. You’re an asset to the community.”

President Caldwell described Gen. Rock Donahue as a man of vision who pays attention to detail, commitment and dedication. Rock praised the support of the City of Zebulon and State Rep. Caldwell as being a key to GMC becoming a part of the Zebulon community. He said that GMC is not just educational, but it emphasizes community and serving others. He told supporters that GMC helps to develop the character of its students and “that makes us different than other colleges.”

Rock thanked Regina Alexander and the team at Candler Field and Barnstormers for reaching out to GMC. He said that GMC has a good relationship with the other cities that it is a part of and it’s more than just an educational entity sitting in the community.

GMC will be open for Spring Term in March of 2018. They will begin actively looking for students in January of 2018.

You can read more about GMC and the programs offered at www.gmc.edu/academic-programs/overview.cms.

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