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August 29, 2017 – 6:30 p.m.
Courthouse, Main Courtroom, 16001 Barnesville Street, Zebulon, Georgia
Courthouse Doors on East/South Sides open at 6:00 p.m.
Town Hall Meeting at 6:15 p.m.

www.pikecoga.com/novusagenda has a download of the agenda and accompanying information for this meeting. This includes items listed on the agenda such as the Medical First Reponse License and the property being decided on Bottoms Road. Monthly information from Animal Control, Coroner, Fire Department, Grady, Library, Magistrate Court, McIntosh Trail CSB, Planning & Development, Registrar, Superior - Juvenile Court, Tax Assessor, and the Water Authority are included as well.

All five commissioners are present with County Clerk Jo Ann Wrye to take the minutes, County Manager (CM) Hanson, and County Attorney Rob Morton.

1. CALL TO ORDER………………………………………………………..Chairman J. Briar Johnson

2. INVOCATION…………………………………………………………………………..Frank Winfrey

3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE…………………………………………….Chairman J. Briar Johnson

4. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - (O.C.G A. § 50-14-1 (e) (1))

CM Hanson asked to amend the agenda to add N. Plat alteration on Concord Road and remove Kathy Killingsworth from public comment.

5. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - (O.C.G.A. § 50-14-1(e) (2))

a. Minutes of the August 9, 2017 Regular Monthly Meeting.

b. Minutes of the August 17, 2017 Workshop



a. Monthly Reports submitted from County Departments and County Authorities, including a Revenue/Expenditure Statement for all departments and a summary check register. There are no Department reports as they will be provided during the first Board meeting of September. Revenue/Expenditure Statement and Detail Check Register is included.

b. County Manager Report

Update on County finances for the following funds/accounts:
General Fund ............................................................................................... $511,755.55
Fire Dept. Donations ........................................................................................ $4,659.76
BOC – Jury Account………………………………………………………………$0.00
Cash Reserve Account ........................................................................ ….....$506,305.28
Pike County CD Special Revenue funds………………………………………….$0.00
Jail Fund ........................................................................................................ $22,088.68
E-911 Fund .................................................................................................... $52,916.15
DATE Fund ................................................................................................... $42,414.31
Juvenile Court Fund ....................................................................................... $11,800.44
Residential Impact Fee ................................................................................ $511,174.36
Commercial Impact Fees ............................................................................... $35,915.32
C.A.I.P FUND ............................................................................................... $33,243.25
General Obligation SPLOST Tax Bond Sinking Fund, 2011 ................... $1,037,890.59

c. County Manager Comment

This Friday we lost a dedicated employee. Terry Burnham lost his battle to cancer. Terry was a motorgrader operator and was an excellent man, loyal employee, his coworkers, and was very dedicated to the family. He left his wife and two daughters behind. CM Hanson asked to keep the family in prayer and said that the family is selling T-shirts that say, "Terry Strong." If anyone would like to order one, please contact the County Commission Office.

CM Hanson said that he received a letter from the DOT about traffic concerns and intersections. They are getting a lot of calls and are referring all requests to the county first before they do anything on a state level so they can get local input. This information will be made public too.

From the County Manager Report: [Note from the Editor: This is written and delivered to commissioners prior to the meeting by the County Manager. CM Hanson is gracious to print or email a copy of this report to me after each meeting because it is Open Records information, and I include pertinent info in my write up of the meetings.]

The 2nd reading of the Text Amendment for Land Usage will include overlay district ordinance for state highways around the county. CM Hanson wrote that he had received some calls about how this will affect small business owners. One concern is that the strict guidelines may be cost prohibitive for a small business. He said that each case will come before the commissioners on a case by case basis when considered for approval. "If this change goes into effect any lessening of the restrictions will require approval from the BOC."

Chairman Briar Johnson has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Three Rivers Regional Commission Council. He has served on this Council for several years and CM Hanson said that this is a great honor for his peers to recommend him for this appointment. "This is a great representation of Pike County moving forward and representing our region of the State," wrote CM Hanson. "Thank you for your efforts to represent Pike County and our region.

This will be mentioned later, but here is more that was not mentioned in the meeting. The County Attorney and CM Hanson have spent an "absorbent amount of time" on Service Delivery agreements over the past few weeks and will be presenting it for final approval to the cities at their September meetings and the Board of Commissioners as well. The agreements mostly center around Animal Control and Planning and Development related items.

d. Commissioner Reports

Chairman Johnson thanked Ben Maxedon for the Prayer Walk at the school and said that this event grows each year. No other reports.

e. County Attorney Report to Commissioners.

County Attorney Rob Morton said that they are working on finalizing the Service Delivery Strategy between the county and cities to avoid double taxation for city citizens. Base level animal control has been negotiated and our Animal Control Officer will be the contact for the cities and the county. Ordinance violations can be handled in Magistrate Court. He said that we need to update our Animal Control Ordinance. This Service Delivery Strategy needs to be implemented by September 15, 2017. It requires two readings.

He asked commissioners to consider this as a First Reading and pass a motion for same. Changes can be made at the 2nd Reading. Motion was made and approved 5-0.


a. Approve/deny 2nd Reading of text amendment to Title XV, Land Usage, adding a new Chapter 167, Ga. Highway 18, Ga. Highway 109, and Ga. Highway 362 Overlay Districts Ordinance, relative to establishing design standards for certain commercial, industrial, and institutional developments along these specified Highways.

This was approved by the Planning Commission in July and First Reading was on August 9th. The problem mentioned in the past meeting about prohibited uses. Anything not specifically allowed could be allowed as a Special Exception. That doesn’t guarantee approval, but it could be allowed.

Commissioner Tim Daniel made a motion to postpone this vote until the next meeting. He said that further discussion is needed on this. Approved. 5-0.


a. Consider Use of Courthouse Grounds from Dwain Penn for Pike County Bible Reading Marathon 2017 on Thursday, September 21 from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., Friday & Saturday, September 22 & 23 from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., Sunday, September 24 from 3:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m., Monday & Tuesday, September 25 & 26 from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Wednesday, September 27 from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

CM Hanson said that there have been no problems with this in the past. He’s done a good job with this and we have no issue with this. Motion to approve. Approved 5-0.

b. Consider one appointment to the J. Joel Edward Library Board to fill a three-year term, set to expire August 31, 2020. Applicant has met criteria.

CM Hanson said that Ms. Johnson currently serves on the Board and staff recommends reappointment. Motion to approve. Approved 5-0.

c. Consider one appointment to the Pike County Planning Commission to fill a three-year term, set to expire September 30, 2020. Applicant has met criteria.

Richard Baskin is currently serving. Staff recommends reappointment. Motion to approve. Approved 5-0.

d. Approve/deny Bond for Water Authority Loan and to authorize Chairman J. Briar to sign the resolution.

County Attorney Rob Morton said that there is an existing debt and that John has worked diligently on this bond reissuance. We have a short amount of time to meet the timeframe on this. Motion to authorize the Chairman to sign the document. Approved 5-0. [Note from the Editor: The County Manager Report states that the dollar savings for the county will be nearly $1.2 million and that the loan will be paid off 16 years sooner than the current loan.]

e. Approve/deny the resolution for the Hazardous Waste Trust Fund Application for Reimbursement.

CM Hanson said that this discussion has been held over the past few years. This has been a long time coming with a lot of work from the County Attorney. For all the money we have been spending on closing this site, we became eligible to receive funding to apply toward these costs. The state determines who gets what. We have applied for $80,000. Motion to move forward. Discussion: The Board approved this previously. This is simply signing the paperwork. Approved 5-0.

f. Approve/Deny, Per Code Section 155.03 (A), alterations to existing subdivision plat off of Fossett Road.

This affects lots 7, 8, 9, and 10. He wants to combine some of these lots to make less lots. Motion to approve. Approved 5-0.

g. Approve/Deny, Per Code Section 155.03 (A), alterations to existing subdivision plat off of Indian Trail.

Similar situation. They want to build a house and their lot is narrow so they acquired a 60 foot strip next to it and want to combine these to make a wider strip. Motion to approve. Approved 5-0.

Chairman Briar Johnson explained how the Public Hearings will work. 20 minutes on each side. Then it will be closed and discussed by the commissioners. People will be allowed to clear out after each public hearing.

h. PUBLIC HEARING: To receive public input regarding SUB17-01 - Elizabeth Strickland Rumble (trustee for the Frank Eakes Rumble Credit Shelter Trust), property owner, and Alan Mobley, applicant, are requesting final plat approval for a new 8 lot subdivision on 170.44 acres from a 256.48 parent tract on Flat Shoals Road. The parent tract is zoned A-R (Agricultural-Residential), with approximately 3555 feet of frontage along the northern side of Flat Shoals Road. The property is located in Land Lot 182 of the 9th Land District of Pike County, Georgia. Parent tract is further identified as Tax Map Parcel Number 031 003.
Action: Discuss/Approve/Deny

Planning Commission on August 10 and recommended for approval with conditions concerning the cell tower on Lot 8. The Board of Appeals recommended approval on August 17th.


Alan Mobley said that they thought that they had a problem with the railroad easement, but it is in the process of being resolved.

John Morrison said this subdivision is the kind that Pike County needs and represents our rural character with large lots and that houses built there will help support the county. He said that it takes $200,000 to support one child in the school system and looks forward to more development like this.


Discussion: Planning and Development Director David Allen mentioned the conditions such as no mobile homes. County Attorney Rob Morton also added that requirement for 2,000 square foot homes and to clear up ambiguity with the right of way with the railroad. Motion to approve with conditions. Approved 5-0.

i. PUBLIC HEARING: To receive public input regarding REZ-17-02 – Supreme Corporation, property owner, and Jerime Buffington from Paragon Consulting Group, applicant, are requesting a rezoning of a portion of the subject property from M-2B (Industrial) to A-R (Agricultural- Residential) in order to have the property portion that they are deeding to adjacent Pine Grove Church be the same zoning as the church (A-R). The subject property portion to be deeded, located off of Liberty Road, has approximately 101 feet of frontage along the western side of Liberty Road. The property is located in Land Lots 134 and 155 of the 2nd District of Pike County, Georgia. The total property (Supreme) consists of 38.87 acres and is further identified as Tax Map Parcel #087 030 A. The subject property portion to be deeded to the church consists of 1.22 acres.
Action: Discuss/Approve/Deny

Planning Commission on August 10 and recommended for approval with condition. It must be examined by an archeologist prior to land disturbance. He received a letter on this that he addressed for the Board. There was a difference in who received letters on this because it is going to AR and only those within ½ a mile.


Jimmy Buffington spoke in favor.


Arthur Moss said that we continue to revisit the same situation over and over. He said that it looks benign but said that it looks like the two acre promise hasn’t been resolved. He said that what makes sense to him is if it is deeded to the church—-he is in favor of this. However, if they deed it to the church, the church can control it and the church can come back and ask to have it turned to AR and Supreme doesn’t have to do this. He is looking for the underlying motive in this. He thinks that Supreme will come in and clear this land. He wants Supreme to follow promises that were made before. He said that the simplest way is for them to deed the land to the church and the church make the change to AR. He asked the Board to deny.

Roswell Storey talked about the land and buffer around John Adams house. He said that he is not for or against because he didn’t know exactly what was going on.

County Attorney Rob Morton said that there shall be a 100 foot buffer and if a new property line is made, no additional buffer is needed. He also said that the church agreed to this, and they asked for this to be rezoned so it can be made a complete part of their property. He said that this was a team effort that has been overseen by David Allen’s office. Clarification also that they are leaving the natural buffer there as well.

Motion to approve with condition. Commissioner Tommy Powers thanked Supreme for doing what they said that they would do, and thanked the people for standing up for their rights as well. Approved 5-0.

1. If the church alters, disturbs, or develops the buffer property deeded to it by Supreme Corporation, it must first hire a State certified archaeologist to determine whether or not there are human graves in the deeded property portion, prior to any land disturbance. Any human graves found on the deeded property portion are subject to the protections provided in Pike County Code Chapter 163.

j. PUBLIC HEARING: To receive public input regarding SUB17-02 - Vivian Pollard Estate and Sandra Jane Pollard Estate, current property owners, and Clay Robertson, applicant, are requesting preliminary plat approval for a new 10 lot subdivision on 34.03 acres on Drew Allen Road and Twin Oaks Road. The parent tracts are zoned A-R (Agricultural-Residential), with approximately 1610 feet of total frontage along the southern side of Drew Allen Road and approximately 1239 feet of frontage along the eastern side of Twin Oaks Road. The properties are located in Land Lot 255 of the 1st Land District of Pike County, Georgia. The parent tracts are further identified as Tax Map Parcel Numbers 053 028 and 053 028A respectively
Action: Discuss/Approve/Deny

David Allen said that this was proposed as 10 lots and there are no interior lots. It is remaining AR. Planning Commission on August 10 and recommended denial because of flag lots and safety concerns with driveways being too close together. Staff recommends approval.


Clay Robertson, the applicant, signed in favor.


John Morrison said that he was at the Planning Board meeting and agrees with the reasons that they used to recommend denial. He added that the land will not support wells and septic tanks that close together. The houses in the area from 15 years ago are already having problems with their wells where they put in bored wells and need drilled wells for water now. He objects to flag lots as well.


Tim Daniel said that Twin Oaks Road is nothing but flag lots. In comparison to the surrounding area, this isn’t an issue. He asked how far water was from there. Midway Road so there is no way to provide water there. Tim Daniel asked about conditions on this. The Planning Commission talked to Mr. Robertson about possibly upping the house size. It was confirmed that the owner wants each house to be over 2,000. Motion to approve with stipulation that homes will be 2,000 square foot minimum.

Discussion: Chairman Johnson asked whether there were any problems getting a response from county entities like Board of Education, Sheriff’s Office, etc. Director Allen said that they are normally good about getting back with him. Question about 40 and 80 foot right of ways. Motion is approved. 5-0.

k. PUBLIC HEARING: To receive public input regarding REZ-17-03 – Marjorie B. Harrison, property owner, and Rod Wright of RodWrightCorp, applicant, are requesting a rezoning of the subject property from A-R (Agricultural-Residential) to R-15 (Single Family Residential) in order to develop a 12 lot single-family residential subdivision on the subject property. The subject property, located off of Bottoms Road and Williams Road, has approximately 1180 feet of frontage along the northeastern side of Bottoms Road and approximately 614 feet of frontage along the western side of Williams Road. The property is located in Land Lots 83 and 110 of the 9th District of Pike County, Georgia. The subject property consists of 26.8 acres and is further identified as Tax Map Parcel #042 027.
Action: Discuss/Approve/Deny

Director Allen said that this was similar to the last one with no interior streets. It is currently zoned AR but R15 would allow 2 acres. 1,500 to 1,100 is the difference. Staff recommends approval with conditions including no modular homes. 1,500 square feet. Planning Commission recommended denial because of the possibility of problems with wells and a concern about flag lots.

Rob Morton advised that an attorney was authorized to speak before the commissioners. Constitutional objection was raised.


Stephen Jones spoke on behalf of the property owner. He said that this is a matter of following staff recommendations. Mrs. Harrison requested that this be rezoned commercial a year ago, but this is consistent with zoning. He said that the Planning Commission is looking outside of our zoning with wells and flag lots. The well service issue is negated by the fact that there is public water there. He said that there is no other reasonable use for this property if this is denied.

Butch Armistead said that this was turned down for past rezoning for commercial. He said that this is for the best for community as well as the Harrison family.


John Morrison said there are too many lots proposed for the property and no way to get that many wells on that property. He said that he has 2 abandoned wells on his own property that is very close and there are problems with iron in the water as well as problems during the drought. He said that this has nothing to do the denial for the previous rezoning. He also said that the size of the houses will not support kids in the school system.

Shenna Harwell asked for bigger homes and bigger lots to fit the area. She said that this a lot of driveways for that curve on Bottoms Road.

Mary Crowell has the acreage next door and that there is a lot of wildlife here and she hates to see it turn from that to houses. She said that she wants to keep it country.


Tim Daniel asked where the water is out there. There is water in Concord, but they don’t think that there is county water there. Chairman Johnson asked about the difference between AR and R15. R15 is 2 acres. AR is 3 acres. Other requirements are pretty much the same with more lot uses in AR. AR is much more restricted. Rob Morton said that the larger lot include more uses with a larger home size of 1,500 feet. With a smaller lot size comes a smaller home of 1,100 feet and more restricted uses for the homes built there.

Commissioner Tim Daniel said that he took a survey of homes out there with 1,800 to 2,000 square feet. And our zoning says that this needs to conform to the surrounding area. He made a motion to approve with the two stipulations and an additional stipulation for 1,750 feet homes based on the homes around this area. Approved 5-0.

Other conditions include: 1. The subdivision will have to go through the preliminary plat and final plat process prior to being developed.
2. No manufactured or modular homes shall be allowed.

l. PUBLIC HEARING: To receive input regarding REZ-17-04 – James and Bernice Stinchcomb, property owners, and Spring Hill Land Trust / Teramore Development, applicants, are requesting a rezoning of a portion of the subject property from A-R (Agricultural-Residential) to C-2 (General Commercial) in order to develop a free-standing commercial discount store on a portion of the subject property. The subject property, located northwest of the intersection of U.S. Highway 19 South and Ga. Hwy. 109 West, has approximately 788 feet of frontage along the western side of U.S. Highway 19 and approximately 815 feet of frontage along the northern side of Ga. Hwy. 109 West. The property is located in Land Lots 234 and 247 of the 8th District of Pike County, Georgia. The total property consists of 15.24 acres and is further identified as Tax Map Parcel #070 025 A. The subject property portion requested to be rezoned consists of 2.07 acres.
Action: Discuss/Approve/Deny

Director David Allen said that this went before the Planning Commission on August 10. Staff recommendation was approval with stipulations. PULL THESE. Planning Commission recommended denial because of inadequate buffer spaces. There is a 50 foot wide landscape buffer up against non-commercial properties. The previous plan had a 25 foot buffer. They have revised their site plan on this to address the Planning Commission’s concern. They confirmed that this conforms to the zoning plan there.

A letter including Constitutional objections was made a matter of record as well.


Bill Nijem spoke for the applicant. He said that they have bought some more acreage and now have the 50 foot buffer so this will comply with the buffer requirement. He said that this property is located on 2 state roads and directly across from the gas station and is along the main commercial corridor. He said that there is 13 acres around it that will buffer it from other properties. DOT access has been approved with a decel lane and it will boost taxes in Pike County. He said that one of the big concerns is access and that this is a DOT issue. He said that lighting was addressed and there is no spillover lights there. He said what needs to be addressed is does this meet the zoning standards?

Donnie Stinchcomb said that his parents owned this property and they have been here for 45 years. He said that this proposal is positive for the county and will bring in revenue. He said that traffic at that location is something that he can address because he has lived there for years and has had no issues with this. He said that this would be an asset for the county.

John Morrison said that sales tax will support the county.

Josh Hufstetler spoke about those who have said that we don’t have another Dollar General. He said that it makes quite a bit of business at this double highway and that when they chose this location, it was something that could be supported there. He said that they are selling products that people need in a convenient manner.


Ben and Tami Williams live just north of this property on basis of safety. They contend that it will add vehicles to this highly congested area. It’s dangerous because of the hill and the curve and this will result in auto accidents. He said that the Rock Store wants to add a liquor store if a Dollar General comes in.

Cheryl Cannon lives about 1.7 miles from this. She hates to oppose people doing what they want to do with their land, but she doesn’t understand their marketing strategy. She cited the many Dollar Generals in the area including one just 3 miles from this location. She says that they will flood the county and then close the stores and then we’ll have empty buildings sitting around. She also said that there is a lot of traffic there.

I spoke and said that I have covered a lot of wrecks there and think that this is asking for trouble. I’m not against Dollar General and know people that would use it, but it’s a bad location.

Linda Jett will be able to see a Dollar General from their front porch. There are a lot of nice homes around there and she doesn’t agree with this. She asked about the stipulations and said that she doesn’t feel that this is the place to put another Dollar General. She said that the Rock Store blends with the community but that a Dollar General won’t. She also voiced a concern about the traffic.

Jay Petterson is directly across from this on Hwy 109. He said that the sweeping curve and the traffic coming around there is a problem is bad. He said that there have been bad wrecks. He said that he doesn’t oppose Dollar General. He voiced traffic concerns and concerns about another Dollar General.

Odel Strickland lives right there too. He said that traffic is a problem there and asked if this is approved there tonight, what will be approved next to it tomorrow? He has lived there for 17 years and seen a lot of wrecks. He asked commissioners if they would want a Dollar General in their backyard. What happens if they don’t make it? Then we have an empty building.

Discussion: Tim Daniel said that he had a call today about excess of water. State regulations will handle water with state standards. He asked about visibility there. Is this lot going to be graded down? They don’t have a final grading plan yet. DOT uses a program and he said that there have been 4 accidents there since 2014. Hours won’t be during school hours. Likely 9 to 9 to be determined by Dollar General. DOT worked with them about 2 ½ months on this and required them to have access on Hwy 109 rather than Hwy 19. Based on what he is looking at with the layout plans, he said that the building is well engineered and landscaped. It will be the best looking Dollar General in Pike County. This is a commercial lot and will likely be sold as a commercial lot. He said that they can’t base this on the traffic there because the DOT has approved this and they have better knowledge than he does. He said that if there is a problem there, there will be a problem there later and something will have to be done there at some point. Chairman Johnson asked about lighting and the sign. The Sign Ordinance regulates this and a 20 foot sign is allowed. If the county wants to make a condition on the sign, their spokesman would take that to them.

Commissioner Tommy Powers said that everyone has hit on the same thing with a problem with the road there. He has seen some pretty bad wrecks there over the past 35 plus years. He said that he sees people from Dollar General getting t-boned as they pull onto Hwy 109. What about other businesses that want to go in there later on because of the road and safety issues? He said that it is hard for him to support it because of this.

Landscaping would be 4 bricked sides with buffers. If the buffer isn’t sufficient then it will have to be abide by the landscaping requirements in the Overlay District.

Motion to approve based on the conditions read and additional landscaping and a requirement for a monument sign. Commissioner Guy said that he would leave the road to the DOT because they have more knowledge than he does. Second by Commissioner Daniel. Discussion: Rob Morton clarified for the record that this includes additional landscaping and the monument sign requirement. Approved 4-1 with Commissioner Powers opposed.

Conditions include:
1. An annual business license is required.
2. All signs shall conform to the County Sign Ordinance.
3. All lighting shall be night-sky friendly. All other design items shall conform to or exceed the minimum standards of the Overlay District Ordinance and shall be reviewed in a separate Overlay District hearing.
4. Driveway access to the development shall only be as approved by GDOT.
5. Parking lot design shall also conform to the requirements of the Zoning Code and ADA standards,
6. Grading and Erosion Control plans shall be subject to review and approval by the Towaliga Soil and Water District office.
7. Approval of the rezoning and Overlay District plans does not constitute approval of the civil construction plans for the development.
8. All four sides of the building shall be masonry (brick).
9. Use gooseneck lighting on the outside of the building.
10. Per Code Section 164.07 and 164.08, a 50 foot wide (Type 3) landscape buffer shall be provided along the northern and western property lines of the development. If the existing vegetation in these areas is determined by the Board of Commissioners to not be adequate, then these buffer areas shall meet the standards of 164.07 (J), 164.09, 164.10, and 164.11. These landscaping standards are in addition to the requirements of the Overlay District Ordinance. The buffers shall be outside of any easements, rights-of-way, or septic fields.
11. Any encroachment of wetland areas on the property shall obtain all necessary State and/or federal permits prior to development and may require additional landscaping per Section 164.07 (K).

m. PUBLIC HEARING: To receive input regarding Approval / denial, and receive public comment on, the final draft of the updated Pike County Joint Comprehensive Plan for the planning period 2017-2037, and transmittal to Three Rivers Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs for review and approval.
Action: Discuss/Approve/Deny

This started last fall and included the cities. Director David Allen said that a lot of time has been invested in this with public hearings, and he even included polls on social media. He said that they have a preapproval on this, the Planning Commission suggested some changes, but that this is a good goal for the next five years.



Chairman Johnson commended Director Allen for his work on this and said it was a job well done. Motion to approve. 4-0. Commissioner Jenkins stepped out.

Approve/deny alterations to a plat of a subdivision off of Concord Road.

Another plat combining two lots on Concord Road. Motion to approve.

10. PUBLIC COMMENT- (Limited to 5 minutes per person)

a. Kathy Killingsworth to address the Board regarding animal control. Removed from the agenda per her request.

b. John Morrison to address the Board regarding facilities, procedure and common courtesies.

John Morrison said that he as very disappointed with what he saw here tonight and asked what the county has the Planning Board for. He saw this as a lack of respect. He referred to one of the previous decisions and said that the only way to tap into the 36 inch main is to put a station out there.

He then read a prepared statement. He said that the sound system is a disgrace and extremely hard to hear in the courtroom. He said that they have had more than a year to fix this. He suggested having teenagers do this for a couple hundred dollars.

He said held up his hand for 20 minutes and then stood up at the Workshop before he was addressed. He said that he doesn’t think that they are seeing things from the view of common person. Tim Guy started to respond, but was discouraged because this was Mr. Morrison’s 5 minutes to address commissioners. John said again that he was disappointed. Tim responded when John was finished speaking and said that he thought they made decisions tonight in the best interest of the county.


12. ADJOURNMENT: 8:48 p.m.

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