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Tuesday, May 29, 2018 – 5:30 p.m.
Courthouse, Main Courtroom, 16001 Barnesville Street, Zebulon, Georgia
Courthouse Doors on East/South Sides open at 5:00 p.m.

www.pikecoga.com/novusagenda has a download of the agenda and accompanying information for this meeting. This includes items listed on the agenda such as the Medical First Reponse License and the property being decided on Bottoms Road. Monthly information from Animal Control, Coroner, Fire Department, Grady, Library, Magistrate Court, McIntosh Trail CSB, Planning & Development, Registrar, Superior - Juvenile Court, Tax Assessor, and the Water Authority are included as well.

Tommy Powers, Tim Daniel, and Briar Johnson are present along with County Clerk Jo Ann Wrye, County Manager John Hanson, and County Attorney Rob Morton. James Jenkins and Tim Guy are not present though Tim Guy came in at the end of the meeting.

1. CALL TO ORDER ................................................................................ Chairman Briar Johnson

2. INVOCATION…………………………………………………………………….Frank Winfrey

3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE .............................................................. Chairman Briar Johnson

4. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA - (O.C.G A. 50-14-1 (e) (1))



1. Approve/Deny the 3rd Reading and final adoption of the FY 2018-2019 Budget.

[Note from the Editor: I came in late so I missed the initial couple minutes of the meeting. This is what I missed and it is verbatim from Jo Ann's Post Agenda.] "County Manager Hanson addressed the Board and summarized the changes that were made from the 2nd Reading that were approved to the 3rd Reading and final adoption of the budget. He also noted ACCG sends out a notice of the projected increase for the statutory from the state which will become effective January 1st of a 3% COLA for elected officials, those figures are also now included in the budget." [End of addition from Jo Ann's Post Agenda.]

Discussion: If we don’t like what we are seeing, we can come back and revisit this. There is full anticipation that the tax digest will be up, but that is not guaranteed. And the reassessment of the entire county has begun and is almost complete. We need a reassessment across the board of the entire county, but just because the digest goes up, it doesn’t mean that the millage rate has to go up. Those numbers could go down.

Motion to approve the 3rd reading. Approved 3-0.

[Note from the Editor: Here are some questions that I asked the County Manager prior to the meeting about this budget. This is verbatim from my email along with County Manager John Hanson's answers.]
1. What are Ginny’s responsibilities besides payroll in the office and who will be taking over these responsibilities when she grows out of these responsibilities and into her new job? And will this change effectively eliminate one position on the Commission office at some point in the future when she moves completely to her new position?
Ginny does not handle payroll. She handles accounts payable for all departments, vendors...etc.(all outgoing monies) She also handles all work orders and road related calls (was not a function of this office several years ago). This will not generate a new position in our office.

2. Are there any other new positions in the county that are a part of the upcoming budget?
The only new position in this budget is a part time office assistant in Public Works. This was a full time position years ago. We have covered that from this office for several years which has been a function that Ginny has primarily covered and it is time from that level of service from Public Works because it is probably 90% of the calls we handle in this office.

3. Have we got something in concrete for the incoming Planning and Zoning Director or playing it by ear based on experience?
We are still receiving applications through this Thursday for Planning Director. We have been interviewing candidates as we continue to receive apps. We intend to narrow the current candidates down by Mid June and possibly a selection by then. However, we do not want to settle for less simply to fill the spot. Experience and ability at this point are all over the place.

4. What are we going to do with the Voter Registrar position when Sandi retires?
The current discussion is converting to a Board of Registrars and Elections by 2020. Our current plan is to fill the vacant Registrar positions to best guide us into this transition.

5. We have a 2% raise across the board in the budget right now. Is there anyone in the county who will be getting less or more than this 2% raise? If applicable, what people and positions are getting more than 2% and why? [Note from the Editor: I had 2% in my head from a previous budget, and I'm adding this verbatim so here is your clue that your watchdog sometimes makes mistakes.]
The 2nd reading was the same as the 1st with a proposed budget with 3% increase for all employees (except Elected and Co. Manager). However, we have budgeted for an expected 3% COLA for elected officials expected to be set by the State effective in January. There were no other increases than the 3% for each employee (we recommend the same and budget for all authorities and boards).

The only differences between the 1st and 2nd readings were in 13 BOC, 72 County Agent, 75 IDA, and 77 Econ. Development. 13 and 75 were lowered by moving expenses related to new department into 77. County Agent 72 was lowered to match the contract from UGA.

Currently all of the raise and insurance is in the 13 BOC. As I mentioned in the meeting, we will spread those across the departments for the 3rd Reading.

End of emailed questions and back to the regular meeting.

2. Authorize Chairman Johnson and County Manager John Hanson to execute the FY 2018-2019 Budget documentation, to include, but not limited to, advertising, pertinent dates, and all incorporated motions made as of this date, May 29, 2018.

Motion to authorize this. Approved 3-0.


Motion to adjourn. Adjourned at 5:39 p.m.

Agenda subject to revision.

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